Grow Your Gardening Business – Determining the Right Online Marketing Techniques For Your Business

Grow Your Gardening Business – Determining the Right Online Marketing Techniques For Your Business

In our fourth instalment of how to grow your gardening business, we’re focusing on how to identify and determine the right online marketing techniques for your business.

As the owner of Jackson Garden Services, a Plymouth-based gardening and landscaping company, I have successfully grown my gardening business and gained a strong client base in the process using a combination of direct and indirect marketing (both online and offline). Since I started the company in 2018, we’ve gone from being a small, fledgling business to a successful and popular company with a small team and strong client base, due to a combined approach of working hard, being great at what we do and having a successful and useful approach to marketing the business.

Online marketing is an essential component of growing your business in a digital environment. Whether you opt for paid advertising or explore free e-mail marketing, it’s a valuable way to get your business out there and talked about. This month, I’m sharing some tips on what’s worked for me, so you can take my advice and use it to benefit your business.

Determining the RIGHT Online Marketing Techniques for Your Business

Simply put, online marketing is any marketing method that you can do digitally.

Online marketing includes:

  • Email marketing – sending emails out to a contact list, promoting your products, services and deals
  • Content marketing – creating blogs and articles that are hosted on other websites (like this one!)
  • Social media marketing – using social media to promote your business, either through paid ads or regular social media posting
  • Pay per click advertising –

Unlike traditional offline marketing, online marketing methods allow you to measure every component of your campaign in real-time. Paid advertising and email marketing platforms provide plenty of statistics so that you can analyse your return on investment right from the early stages. ROI is essential for any marketing endeavour and being able to monitor this is a key advantage of online marketing.

In order to create a robust and relevant online marketing plan, you need to define your audience. Think about your previous and current clients and ask yourself:

  • What age groups do they fall in? (are you getting a lot of custom from the 65+ market or are younger consumers favouring your services?
  • How did they find you? (i.e. word of mouth, social media, flyer drop, saw your van etc)
  • What kind of income bracket do most of your clients fall in?
  • What’s services are your customers typically purchasing?
  • Is there a correlation between age and the type of service purchased?
  • Is there a relationship between customer income bracket and the way they find your business or the services they’re purchasing from you?
  • Are the clients you’ve been attracting the kind of clients you want to continue appealing to?
  • If you want to target a new client base, who do you want to attract?

This will help you to establish which marketing methods have been successful in the past and the kinds of strategies you can put in action going forward. For example, if you’re mainly attracting ongoing garden maintenance contracts from homeowners aged 35-50, who live in Plymouth and have found your business through Facebook; then use that information to your advantage and consider putting together a paid advert on Facebook to exclusively target this audience.

Next Time…

Check back next month for our next instalment, looking at offline marketing and how it can have an impact on your online presence. In the meantime, you can connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linked In; I’m always happy to chat!

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