Grow Your Gardening Business – Offline Marketing

Grow Your Gardening Business – Offline Marketing

The fifth instalment of our tips for growing your gardening business focuses on offline, traditional marketing and how even in our increasingly digital world, it should still have a valuable place in your business plan.

As the owner of Jackson Garden Services, a Plymouth-based gardening and landscaping company, I have successfully grown my gardening business and gained a strong client base in the process using a combination of direct and indirect marketing (both online and offline). Since I started the company in 2018, we’ve gone from being a small, fledgeling business to a successful and popular company with a small team and strong client base, due to a combined approach of working hard, being great at what we do and having a successful and useful approach to marketing the business.

Traditional, offline marketing methods may be overlooked by many businesses in favour of digital avenues, like social media marketing and even paid advertising; though, in my experience, a truly successful marketing plan has a balance of the two techniques.

Determining the RIGHT Offline Marketing Techniques for Your Business

Whilst a large majority of the marketing work I have done is digital, I’ve also done a considerable amount of offline marketing and strongly believe it’s a really important component of growing your gardening business.

Offline marketing encompasses any promotional activity that is done outside of the internet and includes activities such as flyer dropping, networking, attending trade shows and speaking at industry or local business events. You can even consider things like driving a van with your company branding on it as offline marketing, as when you’re in traffic or parked up at a job, motorists and passers-by will see your branding and business name.

When you think of ways to market your business, the chances are you think about things like advertising on TV, radio or in your local paper or industry-related magazines. Whilst these are undeniably great marketing techniques, they’re not always the most suitable avenue for a sole trader or small business. By using advertising methods that target a wide audience, you won’t be investing your cash in targeting consumers who are actually interested in your services. Plus, if you’re targeting huge audiences, you may generate an untenable number of leads that you don’t have the personnel, resources or time to follow up on. Thus far, I’ve largely avoided employing these mass marketing techniques; instead focusing on digital marketing and targeted offline efforts to increase brand awareness and generate leads. Not only has this been a cost-effective decision, but it’s given me a ready-made advertising plan to pursue in the future when the company is larger, and I’ve got a bigger team in place to handle an increased volume of work that this kind of advertising can generate.

One of the most rewarding offline marketing techniques I’ve used is networking. As people buy from people, you can never underestimate the importance and value of meeting other local businesses in a face-to-face environment, such as your local chamber of commerce or at events. When people can put a face to a business name, it helps to build confidence and trust in your brand and services that simply cannot be replicated through other advertising methods.

Next Time…

Check back in fortnight for our next edition, focusing on the importance of strong branding and creating an unforgettable brand identity. In the meantime, you can connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linked In; I’m always happy to chat!

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