GREENKEEPER’S SECRET – it helps lawns cope with climate change

We have all seen beautifully maintained area of grass at a sports club, stately home or hotel and wished our own lawns at  home looked like that – well, now they can and thanks to a new product they will also be protected from the extremes of weather caused by climate change.

Greenkeeper’s Secret from envii is not a simple cosmetic product that, for a short time, will turn the lawn green, rather, it improves the health of the individual grass plants and, therefore, their visual appearance.  Results are obvious in days but, more importantly, improving the health of the grass acts as a stress reliever.  This enables treated lawns to cope with the extremes of temperature and weather conditions that are the side effects of climate change.

Most traditional lawn fertilisers focus on growing foliage quickly to make lawns appear lush and healthy.  The downside is that this often mean the lawns immediately need more frequent mowing as the foliage grows more rapidly.   Whilst the lawn may look in good condition, this treatment does not necessarily improve the health of the grass.

The approach of envii’s Greenkeeper’s Secret is a focus on developing the strength and health of the grass plant roots.  This produces a stronger, more resilient lawn.  Over time the treatment will increase the length of the grass but this is due entirely to the plants being healthier and not because of a short-term boost.   A healthy lawn will naturally produce greener, strong grass that is resilient to extremes of weather.

Greenkeeper’s Secret contains seaweed, lignin salts, humic salts, nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and a host of micro-nutrients.   The fully recyclable one litre ready mixed bottle is fitted with a hose-end adaptor that clips directly onto a hose pipe and is sufficient to treat 600 square metres or lawn or turf, including newly laid areas.   Another benefit of Greenkeeper’s Secret is that any product that drifts onto borders will be a benefit to the plants and causes no problems.


The retail price for a 1L bottle of Greenkeeper’s Secret on the envii ecommerce website – – is £17.99 including UK p&p.


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