Only you will know the true cost of clearing up Canada Geese’ mess, both in time, money and aggravation. This is in addition to staff welfare and the health and safety of the public and your employees.

It is vital that you take action and clear the Canada geese and keep them cleared prior to the nesting season which commences in the spring generally around April and May and lasts for three months

It only takes half an hour in the morning and again in the afternoon of deploying the Goosinator over 3 or 4 days for the flock to learn that there’s a predator around and so they fly off somewhere else.

If the Goosinator is so successful why would we possibly need it up to 4 times in one year?

The answer is quite simple. There are of course many different flocks of Canada geese and generally once a flock have made a place their temporary home other flocks do not settle. However, if one has encouraged a flock to move on to fresh pastures there is the chance another flock will come and settle.





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