Go with the flow: new water feature design brings waterfall effect to homes and gardens

A new style of water feature, the AquaVeil®, is providing fresh inspiration for interior and garden design enthusiasts looking to transform their homes. The AquaVeil®, which can be tailor-made to any size or shape, has a mesmerising waterfall-like design – the water flows over a distinctive wall of metal mesh, appearing to cascade seamlessly through the air, creating an embossed water effect.

The AquaVeil® is adaptable for any style of home or garden space – whether it’s small and intimate, or large and open. The contemporary water wall can be a free-standing structure positioned against a wall, integrated into the wall, draped floor to ceiling, or even shaped to the curvature of the house or garden. Due to the translucency of the water feature’s metal mesh, wherever it is installed, lighting in the space will not be greatly diminished.

Adding to its unique design, a tailored lighting system can also be included in the top and bottom of the AquaVeil®’s frame, ensuring the water effect can be experienced during both the day and night.  

The AquaVeil® has been designed and created by the expert team from Tills Innovations Ltd, one of the UK’s leading water feature specialists, with more than 20 years’ experience in creating and installing exquisite, contemporary water features and fountains across the UK.

Mike Tillett, Director, Tills Innovations Ltd, comments: “Since my brother and I founded Tills Innovations Ltd, we have been striving for flair, creativity and individuality in all we do. Our passion for innovation and taking risks in our designs has been critical to the creation of the AquaVeil® and we are incredibly excited to now make the water feature available for people to enjoy in their homes.

“Every AquaVeil® is a refined work of art and, like an extraordinary painting or sculpture, the bespoke water wall enhances its surroundings, creating an indescribable feeling for all those who experience it.”

The AquaVeil® has been carefully designed to not only look beautiful, but to enable straightforward and effective aftercare of the water wall. For example, the feature includes an advanced filtration system, specially-created water treatment solutions, and options for automatic water top up and drain down for maintenance – ensuring design enthusiasts can enjoy the AquaVeil® in their homes and gardens for many years to come.

Mr Tony Clifton, AquaVeil® customer, comments: “The AquaVeil®’s signature embossed water effect has to be witnessed to be believed, it’s like no other, which is what makes it so special. The slow-moving water pattern creates a mesmerising and contemporary water feature for any space. The architectural mesh that the water flows down is beautiful in itself, truly adding to the quality and enduring feel of the design.”

To help you to refine your choice of water feature, the AquaVeil® is categorised into three styles, each of which can be tailored to your landscape or interior space: The Enigma, The Paradox, and The Quantum. For more information, and to make an enquiry about the AquaVeil®, visit: www.aquaveil.co.uk

The AquaVeil® starts from £5,500, excluding VAT and builder’s work.

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