Getting The Most Out of Your Plot – Top Tips for Savvy Allotmenteers

From perfectly aligned carrots to a sensory explosion of flowers, allotments are as unique as the individuals that tend them but there are a whole host of reasons why they can be a challenge.

 Allotments are often ungated so for that reason keeping those secateurs and all-important deck chairs safe can create a logistical/security headache for keen gardeners, so too can the lack of electricity and space to grow those prize-winning leeks and onions.

To celebrate National Allotment Week (9-15 August), we’ve put together our top tips of Savvy allotmenteers that may help with some of those challenges faced.

Shedulous storage

For many, the allotment is much more than just a place to grow veg. It’s a place to connect with the earth and to those that share the passion for growing your own. They can be social places, places to unwind and even share a brew or to mull over the day ahead. Whatever the motivation, a shed can enhance that experience whilst also being a place to hang up your gardening gloves at the end of the day. “Do your research before choosing an allotment worthy shed,” urged Jenny Davis, marketing manager for Forest Garden. She recommends the following tips:

  • Look for a shed that has additional security features built-in such as metal roof brackets
  • Choose a product that has smaller panelling which makes the shell much more robust
  • Doors always offer an easy route to a would-be thief so ensure that you have double Z framed doors with a decent lock
  • Anti-tamper, hidden hinges which can’t be accessed externally are also a must

Our recommendation: We recommend the Forest Garden Overlap Dip Treated 4×3 Apex Shed. RRP. £304.49. with dimensions of 194.1(h) x 133.8(w) x 100.9(d)cm, It’s small enough to suit even the cosiest of plots, windowless for added security and has plenty of hidden security features to keep your strimmer’s and mowers secure.

Raising levels

As we all know, weeds can often feel like an uphill battle for gardeners so our top tip for banishing the weeds has to be – add a raised bed to the allotment. Place a plastic membrane or thick pieces of cardboard down on the ground to suppress weeds then add a raised bed on top. Add compost and topsoil and you’re all set to grow – it really is that simple!

Our recommendation: Forest Garden Caledonian Large Raised Bed. RRP. £74.99

No electricity required

Without electricity on hand to tackle the bigger jobs such as strimming and hedge cutting, an allotment can sometimes seem like a daunting and overgrown place to be. Often, noisy petrol engines break the silence of a relaxing dig whilst battery-powered ones are well known to be lacklustre. But there is a solution and our top tip for keeping your green space preened is:

Choose smart battery, intelligent tools that adjust to the job at hand and have interchangeable batteries, so you only ever have to charge one thing at a time.

Our recommendation: Mountfield launched a new range of intelligent, smart tools that are perfect for allotments. We love The MHT 20 Li (Kit) and MTR 20 Li (Kit) RRP £99, part of the Freedom100 range. They are easy to use, lightweight, clean and energy-efficient. The interchangeable lithium-ion batteries have high-performance cells which deliver long run times and also ‘talks’ to the device ensuring the best performance and efficiency. What’s more, the battery is interchangeable with all other products in this range so you only ever have to charge one thing.

Forest Garden Overlap Dip Treated 4×3 Apex Shed. RRP. £304.49.

Forest Garden Overlap Dip Treated 4×3 Apex Shed. RRP. £304.49

Forest Garden Caledonian Large Raised Bed.

Forest Garden Caledonian Large Raised Bed. RRP. £74.99

MHT 20 Li (Kit)

Mountfield  MHT 20 Li (Kit) and MTR 20 Li (Kit) RRP £99

MTR 20 Li (Kit)

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