Get the most out of your shed with these 12 organisation ideas

Simply purchasing a shed can help you make use of garden space and reduce clutter. But organising your garden shed properly can really help you get the most out of it.

1. Invest in a quality garden shed

Whether you’re looking at metal, plastic, or wooden sheds – aim for the best quality you can afford. For example, heavy-duty PVC plastic, galvanised steel or pressure-treated wood all make durable sheds. 

2. Install cabinets

Don’t just leave everything propped up or taking up ground space. Instead, either build or buy some simple cabinets to group and small tools, cleaning kits, screws and fixings.

3. The power of pegboards

An effective way to maximise your space is by installing a pegboard organiser. This way you can customise it again and again to fit new shapes and sizes of tools.

4. Or build a rack

Installing a rack high up in your shed can free up floor space as well. This organisation hack used on walls or the ceiling can offer space for shovels, spades, rakes and other tools.

5. Hang up items that need hanging

This practice especially applies to garden hoses. If you have one, roll it up and hang it instead of leaving it on the floor after use. This can cause trip hazards and general wear and tear.

6. Install magnetic strips

Looking for a unique way to store your small metal tools? A magnetic strip organiser will do the trick! Add magnetic strips on the walls or above a workbench. Just make sure the strips are strong enough for the weight of your tools.

7. Get a potting shed too

Storage sheds make a great alternative to potting sheds.  But adding even a potting bench or a separate potting shed altogether can give you a dedicated place to do garden work. This way you can separate the mess of DIY and gardening.

8. Make use of containers

Containers are ideal if you’re storing chemicals in your shed. So if you have pesticides, weed killer, paint, and oil, keep them safely stored where they won’t leak. Placing them in a storage container will also keep them safe from outside exposure. Opt for heavy-duty plastic bins for storing them.

9. Use freestanding shelving units

As for your tubs and bins – where do you keep those? Use freestanding metal shelves to keep them organised. These are easily put together and moved around if you want to reorganise.

10. Utility hooks

If you don’t want to set up a whole rack on your wall or ceiling, use utility hooks instead. These are great for storing bikes too!

11. Reuse bookshelves

When it comes to cost-effective storage solutions, you can’t go wrong with a bit of upcycling. If you’re getting rid of an old bookshelf, break it down into parts and use the shelves in your shed. 

12. Put things away immediately

The best way to stay organised is to get into good habits. Have a clean out and make sure to toss away stuff you no longer need or use if it takes up space. Then, once your shed is newly fitted practise putting everything back in its allotted space. Label draws, shelves et cetera to help get into the habit!


If your shed has been used as a dumping ground, if can be hard to get back to square one. But with these 12 tips, you can tidy up any shed – old or new, and get organised again.

It’s time to put an end to clutter headaches and stop tripping over garden tools!

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