Get Creative With Straightcurve Rigid Raised Garden Beds

The Straightcurve® team know how important not only the plants, but the vessel you grow them in is to the look and feel of gardens and growing areas.

The Straightcurve Raised Garden Bed solutions are not only practical, as they are so easy to assemble and install, but also a great opportunity to spark your imagination!

Straightcurve Rigid Raised Garden Beds are perfect for growing vegetable or other plants. This product comes in various heights, ranging from 240mm, 400mm and 560mm, all of these options are available in 2,160mm lengths.

This system offers a wide range of options for every kitchen garden, big or small, with the home gardener having plenty of chance to get creative too, with our Rigid products offering straight, clean lines to accommodate geometric designs.

The sleek modern and organic look of the range is achieved through the use of innovative Weathering Steel. This steel behaves differently as it rusts 4 times more slowly by developing a fine rust patina on the surface that inhibits further rusting. This continual process accounts for the subtle darkening of the patina colour over time, resulting in a gorgeous, no fuss edging system, which is … long lasting and low maintenance!

Look forward to gaining the stunning planting area you deserve for the coming growing season with the Straightcurve Rigid Raised Garden Bed!

No fuss with Straightcurve … the simple yet effective garden edging solution!
Straightcurve products are available for delivery throughout the UK via our online store at

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