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Gardens Through the Decades: Porcelain paving stone is the new cult-classic of the next 10 years

Peterborough based Primethorpe Paving announce that porcelain paving has become a bestseller of Summer 2021, knocking the infamous Indian Sandstone off its top spot. 

Primethorpe Paving reports Indian Sandstone has been one of its best selling products consecutively for the past few years, and a defining product of the last decade. 

However, Primethorpe’s sales figures suggest that as the summer has come to an end porcelain paving has become the new cult garden trend of this year, and beyond. 

Google searches for porcelain paving saw it’s highest spike in the past 5 years earlier this year in February, predicting that interest in the product is growing immensely. 

Kelsey Brace, COO at Primethorpe Paving says, “Looking back over the past century it is clear to see that each decade has a stand out trend. As we head into the next ten years, it’s obvious for us at Primethorpe Paving to see that porcelain paving is set to take the top spot.

We expect that porcelain paving will be the next cult classic in UK gardens, it is less absorbent than its stone counterparts making it more resistant to moisture damage and staining. Despite its slightly higher price point we expect customers to opt for quality paving as maintenance and upkeep will be lower in the long run.”

To make way for a porcelain takeover, Primethorpe has taken a look at some of the classic garden trends over the past century. 

Garden trends through the decades 

  1. 1920’s – Rock Garden, the Edwardian rock garden, a staple trend of the roaring 20’s. 
  2. 1930’s – Art Deco, highly stylised, intricately patterned, symmetrical patios. 
  3. 1940’s  – Grow your own, Practical and functional, gardens brimming with greens and cabbage patches. 
  4. 1950’s – Rose Garden, rose gardens galore, beauty and opulence. 
  5. 1960’s – Mini conifers and heathers, evergreen and low-maintenance mini conifers and heathers.
  6. 1970’s – Crazy Paving, disco ball inspired crazy paving in psychedelic colour combo, yellow and pink. 
  7. 1980’s – Wildlife Garden, gardens bursting with wild plants and flowers, a space fit for a kingdom of mini-beasts. 
  8. 1990’s – TV Makeover, TV garden makeover programmes, expanded at-home gardening possibilities. 
  9. 2000’s – Decking, Elevated decking areas replaced the classic patio area, taking UK gardens to another level. 
  10.  2010’s – Indian Sandstone and AstroTurf, Indian Sandstone and AstroTurf became the new staple lawn and patio combination.
  11. 2020’s and beyond – Porcelain paving, The smooth and glossy paving stones are already beginning to pop up across gardens in the UK.

Primethorpe offers a wide range of popular porcelain paving styles and colours, with packs starting from £350 (inc. VAT). For more information please visit its website at

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