Gardening Trends for 2021

As we enter January, we leave behind a difficult year for everyone, but for gardeners there was something of a boom. With self-isolation and national lockdowns, people have been able to spend more time in their outdoor spaces. Worldwide changes have brought in a whole new gang of gardeners, bringing new ideas and trends to the green-fingered community. So, what exactly can we expect to see in 2021?

  1. Micro Gardens – balcony, patio, windowsill, raised beds, containers

With gardening and growing your own food on the rise, especially since Covid-19, there will be a big trend for small space growing. Innovative products and new ideas will hit the market as growers, especially in urban environments, will feel a greater need to feel connected to the natural world. Expect to see new style balcony pots, innovative ways to grow vertically, mini-greenhouses, new container plant varieties and raised beds in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit in every corner of the city. Windowsill kits for growing in apartments without outside space and we’ll see more window growing systems on the market for apartment living.

  1. Inside-Outside Living Spaces

As we’ve been staying home a lot more, the garden has become a sanctuary for many. So inside-outside living will become a big part of the home in 2021. Families will want to continue enjoying their outside spaces and growing their own food from the garden. Feeling connected to the natural world is key for wellbeing and inside/outside space means families can be outside alone or have friends over to entertain in the open-air while indoor social gatherings remain prohibited. Verandas, awnings and pergolas will become popular hard landscaping features, filled with climbing plants such as Passionfruit and Wisteria.

  1. Gardening for Wildlife

Working with and nurturing the environment is high on the agenda and many will be looking to build a garden fit for wildlife. As we see more documentaries about the climate and how we can really make an impact in the garden, more emphasis on growing with wildlife in mind will be key. From sustainably sourced garden accessories (time to ditch the plastic), to new varieties of plants for pollinators (lots of single headed flowers), flowering herbs and designs for cool, modern birdhouses, bird baths, bat homes and bee bricks.

  1. Sustainable Gardening

Preserving water and choosing drought tolerant plants (Xeriscaping) will be much more popular in 2021, as gardeners are understanding the need to plant with the environment in mind. Water-butts will be in demand as the summer gets hotter and plants such as Verbena bonariensis, Echinops, Sedum (especially the RHS award winning Atlantis) will be in demand and seen in many more gardens. Composting and recycling will be a big topic for discussion, and permaculture will get more attention too.

  1. Methods for Year-Round Gardening

With so many more people enjoying homegrown food, the desire to extend the growing seasons throughout autumn and winter will be high on the agenda. Systems such as hydroponics, aquaponics and containers with grow lights will become more accessible with smaller kits and easy ways to get started at home. Even without the kit, cool, sustainably made containers and pots for kitchen windowsills will be on trend, as herbs and salads are grown in any size home, all year around.

6. Roses

While the search for a blue rose continues, the classic white Rose will be a big trend for 2021. Roses bring a sense of peace, tranquility and love – all things we’ve needed during a turbulent year. Gardeners will be looking to create a space where they feel safe, relaxed and calm. Classic white roses such as ‘Iceberg’ and ‘Tranquility’ will be popular and roses with wonderful scent and delicate colour such as ‘St Ethleburga’ will be grown where gardeners want to chill out in peace.

7. Flower Art & Photography

Many people have found a fondness for creativity during lockdown, experimenting not just with growing but displaying what has been harvested. Cut flowers, in ‘Flat Lay’ style where each stem and flower is laid onto paper so each petal and leaf can be studied in detail and beautiful photos bursting with colour and the wonder of nature. Creating posies, extravagant vases full of natural garden materials and bouquets full of herbs for the coffee table will be everywhere. 2021 will be a year of flower art.

8. Alpine Plants

It’s all in the detail with Alpines and as gardeners are appreciating the finer details, having been home so much in 2020 and enjoying every single thing in the garden, alpine plants will be on the rise. From tiny Narcissus, to delicate Nerines along with Saxifrage, Dianthus and Lewisia in concrete containers and topped with slate.

9. Edible Flowers

Extending the options for edible harvests, gardeners will be looking at growing flowers specifically to harvest for food. Flowers such as Fuchsia, Antirrhinum and Nasturtiums will be seen much more in food both made at home and in restaurants. Expect to see Lavender and Dandelions gracing your plates during 2021.

10. Even More Houseplants

The houseplant trend is not stopping anytime soon, as more and more people are appreciating the benefits of greenery in the home. During the next year though, expect to see bigger foliage, bigger flowers and big houseplant pots to really show off the indoor jungle. Last year, the trend was small and dainty, with strings of pearls and hearts trailing on shelves, for 2021, we’re going bigger!

This article was written and researched by Ellen Mary at Rhino Greenhouses Direct, Britain’s best loved Greenhouse brand.

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