Gardening Tips To Keep Dads Happy This Fathers Day

The Burpee Seeds Europe team can’t believe that it is nearly that time of year again when we celebrate Fathers Day on June 20th!  Hasn’t the time flown!  And if your dad is a gardening fan, that is even more reason to celebrate, as there are plenty of things to enjoy outside in your own backyard. 

Ties and socks are so passé don’t you know, so after spoiling your very own Alan Titchmarsh with gifts and a tasty breakfast, hand over a trowel instead! It’s time to get to (fun) work and he will be grateful for it in the long run!  And gardening has its very own mental and physical benefits as we all know…so a healthy garden really does equal a healthy pop!

Sow Some Seeds
Yes, there are still seeds that can be sown in June, and do we have a couple of stunning varieties for you!   Verbascum ‘Snowy Spires’ can be sown directly in the garden ideally in July and August.  But if they have been sown indoors before June is the perfect time to plant them out.  Echinacea ‘Sundress’ can be sown right up to early June, but again if it has been sown indoors before, this too can be planted out. Both of these are LOVED by pollinators so a real treat for all to enjoy!

Feed That Veg 
Crops of tomatoes should be coming along nicely, so they will be hungry!  So remember to feed regularly.  If your dad likes them sweet, try Tomato ‘Honeycomb’ next time you are choosing your varieties. It is an orange cherry type that has a gorgeous after-taste of honey! And if your dad is a disco diva, choose Tomato ‘Shimmer’ next time you sow, which has the look of a Top Of The Pops set in the ’70s and tastes divine! 

Freshen Up Your Chives
Chives are the perfect summer ingredient and if you cut them down low as you harvest them, they should grow again, almost like a cut and come again salad!  Try Chive ‘Allion’ great perennial plants that will bring you years filled with delectable flavour. Each year the hardy plants unleash ever-larger crops of pungent, scrumptious onions. ‘Allion’s flat-leaf, chive-like greens are tasty when young. Come spring, pretty flowering plants show off blazing purple masses of fragrant (non-edible) vertical spikes. 

So get your dad dancing into the garden this year for a Fathers Day to remember! 


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  1. Hello ,
    I love the heading of your article “Gardening Tips To Keep Dads Happy This Fathers Day”. You have given nice option for Tomatoes in coming season of June. It’s easy to grow Tomatoes in your yard and we have option with lot of variety. We can choose according to taste of our father. I want to share something for all readers if they are thinking to grow tomatoes in garden, how to take care of tomatoes from warms and pests. You can read here

    Looking forward for more blogs like this from your side. I think we all gardeners should exchange information with each other to get more and vast knowledge in gardening.

    Ben Martin

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