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Gardeners offered chance to make solar-powered water feature or pond fountain without electricity

GARDENERS and pond lovers are being offered the chance to create an attractive, easy to maintain and cost-effective solar-powered water feature or fountain without the need of electrical cables (2021).

Blagdon’s Liberty 200 mains-free pump with LED lights is battery and solar run and can be used as a fountain, in a self-contained water feature or as a feature pump.

Andrew Paxton, Development Manager at Blagdon, the UK’s leading water garden product specialist, says: “Our homes and gardens have become more and more important to us during the last year or so. With demand for staycations in the UK this year outstripping supply, many will be holidaying once again at home and in their outdoor spaces this summer.

“There has never been a better time to create an oasis of calm using running water in a garden, patio or balcony setting. A water feature or pond is the perfect addition to outdoor living arrangements, creating a calming ambience.

“Our Liberty 200 offers a simple and quick way to bring water into a small or large space where mains electricity isn’t available. It’s a great opportunity for people to express their water gardening creativity with attractive and flexible applications, and no running costs. So, the Liberty represents a perfect project for this summer that’s fun and rewarding, as it allows everyone to create their own pretty little solar-powered water feature!”

The Liberty 200 mains-free pump is a battery and solar pump with LED lights suitable for use in three different set-ups: in a pond as a fountain, using the float and anchor, and the four different fountain features provided. It can also be used in a self-contained water feature; either purchased or home-made, to create a fountain using the four heads provided. Or, finally, as a feature pump in something like a sink and tap set-up.

Andrew adds: “Run by the long-lasting Lithium-ion battery and re-charged using the high-powered solar panel, gardeners won’t need to add power and can locate their feature wherever they wish.

“It’s a great DIY project allowing individuals to bring their own touch to a pond feature and to recycle any pots or unwanted household items, like a tap and sink, to make something that is great for their wellbeing, as well as being stylish and attractive, and beneficial to wildlife too.

“Once it’s up and running it’ll be relaxing to listen to the burble of water, boosting mental wellbeing and helping to restore inner balance. Any water that is introduced to an outdoor space using our Liberty will help benefit the natural environment, as it will become an essential place for wildlife to drink and for birds to bathe. You will be able to spend many pleasurable and restful hours being at one with nature, as you enjoy the natural sights and sounds in your garden.”

There are various options available for using the Liberty 200 pump. Please visit the Blagdon YouTube channel for simple creative ‘how to’ videos on water feature projects and step-by-step guides on creating them.

They include using the Liberty 200 to:

This mains-free feature and pond pump has flexible applications and can be used as an in-pond fountain, water feature fountain or water feature. It includes: Pond float, anchor and four fountain effects to suit your preference, as well as a LED light ring and flexible timer functions, and a low maintenance pre-filter to prevent fountains and features from blocking.

The Liberty 200 Pond/Feature Pump has a SSP of £74.99.

The Liberty 200 is available for members of the trade to order now. Stockists should contact their Area Sales Manager, call/email Blagdon’s sales office or sign-up to its new online ordering system here:

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