Forest Garden has a gift for all dads

Before you rush out to buy yet another tie, why not give your dad a gift he will really appreciate this Father’s Day? If he’s looking for storage solution for his garden tools or somewhere to start growing his own plants, Forest Garden has the ideal gift in its range of quality timber garden products.

An Apex Tall Garden Store from Forest Garden won’t break the bank but could certainly bank you some brownie points. If your dad is in need of some space for his gardening tools and accessories this Tall Garden Store will ensure his storage needs are met.

This product has double doors to make storing and accessing items such as folding furniture, long-handled tools and bulky items easy. Its apex roof design allows for rainwater run-off and is fitted with a green mineral felted roof to keep it weathertight. The double doors are fitted with a plate hasp and staple latch that can be securely fastened with an additional padlock.

RRP: £179.99

If you have a little more to spend, why not gift your dad Forest Garden’s new Victorian Walkaround Greenhouse? This uniquely designed greenhouse lets you access plants without the hassle of going inside. With lots of growing space available, a huge amount of flexibility is made possible in a relatively small space.

For those dads wanting to customise their greenhouse, the structure can be painted once purchased, giving added flexibility. The acrylic glazed windows have been made with a peel able protective film, meaning messy painting isn’t a problem.

The roof of the greenhouse has two windows which can be opened manually to regulate temperature, but gardeners can also upgrade and have an auto vent fitted to control the windows automatically.

RRP: £529.99 / £554.99 with Autovent.

Finally, if your dad has hobbies that demand a lot of storage space, new Overlap Pressure Treated Apex Workshop from Forest is the perfect gift. The workshop features a 10ft wide front with double doors for easy access and is available in depths of 10, 15 and 20ft. The workshops give plenty of space for storage or for lining the sides and back with shelves and workbenches whilst still leaving enough space to move around.

Access in and out of the shed is maximised with large double doors that are braced with double “Z” framing for added strength and feature hidden hinges for increased security.

The solid timber boarded floor is pressure treated which will allow dad to store heavier items such as shelving, work benches and large lawnmowers, as well as garden tools and equipment.

This shed comes in three sizes, 10×10 RRP: £719.99, 10×15 (shown in picture) RRP: £899.99 and 10×20 RRP: £1099.99.

To ensure the longevity of products they are all professionally treated. Dip treated products have a 10-year anti-rot guarantee. Premium pressure treated ranges carry a 15-year anti-rot guarantee.

Products are available nationwide from high street multiples and garden centres. To view the entire range please visit

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