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Battery long reach hedge trimmer review

Lots of homes have hedges in their back gardens that are two meters or more in height for privacy and noise reduction. The problem is that over time tall hedges can become quite wide and present a bit of a challenge to cut. If  there's less than an hours cutting it could be done with a battery ...

Hyundai hyB5200 blower review

Backpack blowers are now common place and have become an essential bit of kit for the professional gardener. There are some really impressive bits of kit out there, from Stihl the br range, starting at just under £300 and from Echo the pb range starting at £385 spring to mind. But for those on a ...

Ego powerload strimmer review

When your strimmer has finally died forever and the time has come to look for a replacement, it's no longer just a matter of deciding on what type of handle or power to go for, now there's a new factor to take into account-petrol or battery? So what's the case for battery? What is it that battery ...

The Stiga SBC-656-DX

Brushcutter cutter designs have rarely altered over the years, that trusted boxy design adorns the majority of the market place. Long gone are the days when we buy on performance alone, looks, and the perceived build quality are the deciding factors. The curves and that trademark bright yellow ...

Titan Pro Mower Review

So you've taken the plunge to become a self employed gardener and you're thinking about what machinery to buy. I guess that you've probably joined a few facebook groups to ask the seasoned professionals what is the best machinery on the market to start your business. Then you've gone on to the ...


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