The WOLF-Garten multi-change® Tree Care Without a Ladder fruit pickers system makes harvesting fruit from even the tallest of branches easy, without ever having to take a foot off the ground.

There are a range of handles to choose from, all of which can be used with any tool head from the entire multi-change® system. For fruit harvesting, the most versatile of these handles are telescopic, of which WOLF-Garten carry three models. The largest extends from a generous 220cm to a whopping 400cm – no fruit is out of reach with this handle!


If what is needed is something that can be easily transported, to the allotment for example, there is a smaller version which, whilst it extends to a substantial 150cm, it can be adjusted down to 90cm, making it the perfect size to fit in the boot of a car. All of the telescopic handles are made from lightweight yet strong, high-quality aluminium so offer all the resilience and durability gardeners have come to know and love of this long established gardening brand.


One of the essential tool heads from the system for a fruit harvesting task is the multi-change® Adjustable Fruit Picker. This is an ingenious solution to picking fruit that is too high to reach without a ladder, and that would become damaged if dropped to the ground. The opening is simply placed over the fruit, the cord is gently pulled, and the fruit drops into the strong collection bag. The built in knife tackles the toughest of stalks, and the angle of the cutting head can be adjusted of ease of use.

The multi-change® Branch Hook provides an effortless method of pulling branches down, in order to pick fruit, and can even be used to gently shake the tree to loosen fruit. This tool head can also be used throughout the pruning season too, to lower branches and to hold them steady when sawing.

To view these products, and other items in the WOLF-Garten range, visit  You can also find WOLF-Garten on Twitter at @WGGardentools and on Facebook by searching for WOLF-Garten Garden Tools.


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