Free safety course for young farmers


Lantra has launched a comprehensive FREE course aimed at ensuring the safety of both budding young farmers and those visiting farms who may not be familiar with the environment.

With the arrival of the half-term holidays, Lantra has just gone live with its Child Safety on Farms Course, to ensure parents are aware of the inherent dangers on farms.

The robust course covers children on the farm and the law, children and tractors, children and ATVs and children and falls.

It also covers other issues including child safety around equipment, and harmful substances, and the importance of having a farm safety checklist.

On completion of the free course participants can download their free Lantra Child Safety on Farms Course certificate.

Paula Smyth, Director of Lantra Ireland, said: “Farms can be wonderful places for children to grow up, but farming is one of the most dangerous occupations in the UK and Ireland, and it’s the only high-risk industry that deals with the presence of children.

“With the school holidays, it’s important to think about where your child will be during this break, have your plans in place, and help safeguard their safety.

“To ensure you’re familiar with potential risks on the farm, complete the ‘Children on Farms’ course.

“This free short course will give you an insight into various hazards and steps to take to avoid these.”

For further information about the course log on to

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