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    before choosing a name consider
    1)what type of work you are going to do ie just grounds maintenance, just landscaping, just lawncare, a bit of everything etc
    2)What type of customers you want ie domestic gardens, commercial, housing associations and councils etc
    3)Are you going to employ anybody



    If you are providing a product ie fencing or artificial grass, make sure it is in the title. Eg Essex fencing or Evergreen artificial grass.
    If you are looking for just private customers, then your name is not so important because you will meet the client in person. When you don’t meet the client, your name is very important.



    Jobs where you don’t initially meet the client are housing association and council work. You will have to do a pqq (prequalifying questionaire) before getting an interview



    Think how your business might develop. A lot of companies that started as grounds maintenance business then go on to become facility services providers supplying services such as cleaning, window cleaning and rubbish removal etc. If you are called Fred’s mowing then you are going to have problems if the opportunity to price for such work comes along.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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