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    This has got to be the easiest way to get an attractive water feature in your garden. It doesn’t require mains power and will stay looking great with the minimum of maintenance.

    First you need to get your barrel. These come ready cut and are between £30and £50 pounds to purchase depending on condition. We got this one from ebay for £33 delivered.

    These wooden barrels can dry out and start to leak. It’s a bit like a wooden ship, it needs to be kept wet for the wood to expand and form a seal. I found that my one was pretty much water tight from the off but it’s a good idea to wash your barrel out and fill it up and leave it for a few days.

    Next you are going to need some shelves for the plants. Old bricks are the easiest solution and these can be stacked to the right height for each plant.

    the plants used were

    • Cyperus Alternifolius
    • Pickerel weed (Pontaderia Cordata)
    • Marsh Marigold (Calthapalustris)
    • Equisetum Hyemale
    • Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia Nummulanei)

    I’ve found that the pond has stayed fairly clear but should your pond start to green over then pond dye can be used to turn the water black to deter algae.

    Next we added a battery powered pond pump and fountain with battery powered led light from Blagdon. It was around £40 and comes with a battery charger and a remote control to switch the pump on and off from your seat. The pump just places in the bottom of the barrel and a wire leads out to the battery box that can be hidden behind the barrel.

    We have noticed that birds seem to prefer bathing in this feature rather than our purposely designed bird bath! Not sure why, it’s maybe because it’s a bit deeper and they feel secure amongst the plants



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