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    What are the main types of dahlias?

    Single-flowered Dahlias
    Single dahlias have blooms with a single outer ring of petals.

    Anemone-flowered Dahlias
    Anemone-flowered dahlias have blooms with one or more outer rings of generally flat petals around tube like petals in the middle

    Collerette Dahlias
    Collerette dahlias have  an outer ring of flat petals and a ring of smaller petals also flat in the centre

    Waterlily Dahlias
    Waterlily dahlias have double blooms with petals that are curled in along their length. The depth should be not more than one third of the diameter of the flower.

    Formal Decorative Dahlias
    Decorative dahlias have double flowers. The petals are wide and flat and may be curled inwards for no more than three quarters of their length. The petals are broad but come to a point

    Ball Dahlias
    Ball dahlias have  double flowers. The petals are round at the tip.

    Pompon Dahlias
    Pompon dahlias have double spherical flowers of small size.

    Cactus Dahlias
    Cactus dahlias have double flowers. The petals are pointed and thin.

    Semi-Cactus Dahlias
    Semi-Cactus dahlias also have pointed curved in petals but they have them over oess of the overall flower. The remainder of the petals are shorter.
    Fimbriated Dahlias
    Fimbriated dahlias have flowers where the tips of the petals are split into two or more,  to make a frilly edged overall effect.

    Star Dahlias
    Star dahlias have petals that are very separated and curled and thin to form a star like appearance

    Double Orchid Dahlias
    Double Orchid dahlias have fully double flowers  and have triangle shaped centres. Petals are pointed .

    Paeony Dahlias
    Paeony dahlias have paeony shaped petals


    Can dahlias be left outside over winter in the UK?

    Some dahlias might survive if it’s a very mild winter but in general dahlias are killed by UK frosts.


    What should I do with my Dahlias over the winter?

    If your dahlias are in the ground they need to be dug up and stored over winter. First dig out the tubers and then lay them out to dry. They need to be dug out out before the first frosts. Then store your tubers in a dry peat based compost or sand in a place that remains above freezing, for example a heated greenhouse or garage. Before storing cut off the top growth leaving just a couple of centimeters of stem and brush off any soil.

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    What type of soil is good for Dahlias?

    Dahlias like a well drained soil. The soil should have a PH of about 7. they are hungry plants and like a lot of manure or well rotted compost in the soil. Bone meal can be good for Dahlias. Spread at about 125grams per square meter of soil for borders.

    Your Dahlias will need feeding after about six weeks. They like fertilizers that are high in nitrogen and potash. this an be in the form of granules or as a liquid applied to the soil or leaves. The extra feed boosts the flower colour. You can make the tubers bigger in late summer by applying sulphate of potash to the roots. Keep it off of the leaves as it can cause leaf burn.


    Dahlias can rot if you start watering them before the new shoots start to grow on over wintered corms


    Should you dead head dahlias?

    Yes, dahlias should be dead headed. Just pinch out finished buds to encourage the plant to make more flowers rather than seed


    How do you know what buds to remove when dead heading dahlias?

    The buds still to flower are ball like but the finished buds are more conical and slightly open at one end


    bud yet to flower


    bud that has finished and should be removed


    bud yet to flower above and finished bud below

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