An estimated one million homes in the UK now have wood burning stoves or open fireplaces, says the UK based Stove Industry Alliance. As the trend for a traditional hearth grows, the timber experts at Forest Garden, the UK’s leading producer of timber garden sheds, fence panels and log stores, offer some timely advice for homeowners on how to get the most out of your log pile.


1.Prepare early

Cold winter chills can arrive at any time. Now is the time to bulk purchase logs and ensure you have adequate storage. Companies and individuals selling logs are plentiful but always ask for seasoned and dry hardwood, cut to the size that suits your needs. You can now buy Government-approved ‘ready to burn’ wood through the Woodsure scheme.

  1. Think about emissions and efficiency

Using wet logs or timber offcuts that have been treated can produce unacceptable emissions and damage flues by forming sticky and corrosive deposits on the flue lining. According to Erica Malkin, secretary general of the UK based Stove Industry Alliance, moisture content should be below 20% for maximum efficiency to allow for optimum burning. Some local authorities now have ‘smoke control areas’, so always check your local council website.

  1. Correct storage is vital

Log stores are designed to keep your logs sheltered, aired, off the ground and well ventilated. Forest Garden has seven log stores in a range of sizes, which will keep a 5KW wood burning stove busy all winter.  Erica Malkin said: “A log store with an open design, like those in the Forest Garden range, will help to keep your wood fuel in optimum condition.”  Forest Garden prices range from £109.99 to £299.99.

  1. A two-step process

As well as your outdoor store, ensure you bring a supply of logs into your home to fully dry out prior to burning.  Allow several days inside your home prior to putting on the fire. This will allow logs to be fully dry.

“All the log stores carry a 15-year anti-rot guarantee and are both attractive and practical,” says Nicola Simpson, marketing director for Forest Garden.

Log store products available from Forest Garden

Small woodstore – £109.99

Large woodstore – £149.99

Pinnacle log store (pictured) – £179.99

Flip roof log store, large – £299.99

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