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Find the perfect houseplant this festive season

Whether you’re looking to inject some festive foliage into your home or give the gift of greenery to your loved ones, Christmas is the perfect time to browse the wonderful array of seasonal houseplants on offer, from the Poinsettia to the Christmas Cactus.

To help houseplant lovers find the perfect botanical beauty this festive season, houseplant expert, Baby Bio®, has shared its top picks to make choosing the perfect plant friend easy during the most wonderful time of year!


Poinsettia’s offer the gift of vivid red petals, a colour synonymous with the Christmas period. It is often displayed within the home during the festivities and can blooms for 4-6 weeks when looked after carefully. Poinsettia’s thrive in moist soil and a warm and light environment, but to keep them happy and healthy, Baby Bio’s Organic Houseplant Food (RRP £5.49) offers a natural, seaweed infused formula that stimulates healthy foliage, brighter blooms and strong root and plant growth for beautiful blooms all season round. It would also be the perfect gift for those organic loving people in your life this Christmas!


The trendy monstera is a tough, low maintenance houseplant, so it’s the perfect gift for a first time plant parent! All it needs to thrive is moist soil, indirect sunlight and a few drops of fertiliser to help keep it looking its best, but remember to give its leaves some love and attention, too! Give your newbie plant owner friend a helping hand by gifting them Baby Bio®’s Leaf Shine Spray (RRP £7.49). A spritz on each leaf will leave a shiny finish, so the monstera can stay vibrantly green and healthy!

Christmas Cactus

With beautiful displays of foliage, thanks to its flattened stems and tubular flowers, and bright shades of red, white, pink and purple blooms from November to January, the Christmas Cactus is the perfect plant to adorn in the home during the festive period, or gift to those dear plant lovers! Christmas cacti will flower every year if it’s given the right treatment – in between its two resting periods where it should be in lower temperatures and receive less water, which takes place during late winter and around September time, the Christmas Cactus should be placed in a bright space, but away from direct sunlight, and while flowers are budding, make sure to keep soil evenly moist!

A drop of Baby Bio®’s Cactus Food (RRP £4.99), mixed into water, will also help to keep Christmas cacti in tip top shape. As well as encouraging balanced growth, Baby Bio’s Cactus Food is designed to aid healthy growth and flowering of cacti and succulents, packed with all of the nutrients to keep them cheery throughout the festive season!

Moth Orchid

A symbol of prosperity, friendship and good health, the Moth Orchid – also known as Phalaenopsis – would make the perfect gift for that dear friend in your life. Its tropical displays of colourful blooms last for many months of the year and when given the right care, moth orchids can last a lifetime – keeping tropical plant lovers filled with joy year after year!

Baby Bio®’s Orchid Feed and Mist (RRP £4.99) is the perfect way to make sure orchids stay looking its best by helping to boost humidity levels and moisture in the atmosphere, replicating the microclimate found in the tropical rainforest where they normally grow. Enhanced with all of the essential nutrients in a convenient, ready to use formulation, the Orchid Feed and Mist will encourage healthy, long lasting flowers.  

Bonsai Tree

Whether it’s an acer, juniper, Chinese elm, money tree or fiscus, bonsai trees are a great gift as they are often seen as symbols of harmony, balance and even good luck! While some varieties require a more complex care routine – whether it’s the need for bright, indirect light or humid conditions – Baby Bio’s Bonsai Food (RRP £4.99) will help to keep both indoor and outdoor bonsai tree types in great shape, encouraging balanced, steady growth and flowering, so they can be on display, or even decorated for many Christmas’ to come!

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