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Finches Friend bird feeders have been created to stop the spread of fatal avian diseases in garden birds. These innovative and easy to clean feeders, are designed to specifically reduce the transmission of deadly diseases, such as Passerine Salmonellosis and Trichonomosis- which has caused the Greenfinch population in the UK to fall by a shocking 60% since 2016 and continues to claim birds lives daily.

Cleaning feeders is critical to slow the dramatic decline of our feathered friends.  Trichonomosis  is transmitted by a parasite that is easily spread via contaminated food and water on bird feeders and drinkers in our gardens. Whilst worst affected to date are Greenfinches – which are now on the red list and facing extinction – other common garden birds are also susceptible with Chaffinches now following the same path.

Made in Britain, Finches Friend Feeders are a sustainable choice that are built to last. Using components and packaging that are fully recyclable, they are made from durable, UV-stabilised polycarbonate that won’t weaken or discolour in the sun.

Each feeder features a unique, removable feed station which minimises wastage and enables easier cleaning, making them both efficient and convenient. The innovative design also ensures that the feed always stays clean, dry and safe thanks to a water drainage system. A 360 degree feeding station allows multiple birds to feed at once, and a narrowed feeding tray make it inaccessible to larger birds such as crows.

The hanging feeders are available in three sizes and can be cleaned in minutes without removing the food.

Cleaner Feeder 1 – features a single chamber. RRP £44.99. It holds up to 1.79l of food, more than the capacity of a standard feeder.

Cleaner Feeder 2 – features two feed chambers allowing you to use a variety of food and comes with two interchangeable feed stations for zero feeder downtime. RRP of £54.99. It holds up to 2.79l of food, over 2 times the capacity of a standard feeder

Cleaner Feeder 4, features four feed chambers allowing you to use a variety of food and also comes with two interchangeable feed stations for zero feeder downtime. RRP is £74.99 and the huge capacity holds up to 6.5l of food, over 4 times the capacity of a standard feeder

In addition to the hanging feeders, is the new Cleaner Window Feeder. Its clever design is a far cry away from the industry-standard, open food concept, and stops birds from being able to walk and defecate in the feed, preventing cross contamination.

Perfect for urban areas, smaller gardens or for anyone who wants to feel closer to nature.  It is the ideal solution to keep garden birds visiting all year round.

The unique fixed perch feeder stores the food inside a refillable, closed feeder cartridge, which is also simple to remove and clean. Two feeder cartridges are supplied with every feeder making a cleaning routine as easy as possible.  Easy to install using suction cups, it also features coloured identification trims to help increase visibility, and with safety as a priority, all Cleaner Window Feeders are sold with a pack of WindowAlert, self-adhesive UV reflective vinyls, in garden friendly shapes such as leaves and butterflies.

Founder Dick Woods, says; “Keeping bird feeders clean is essential for preventing the spread of diseases which are literally killing our feathered friends in their droves. I invented the Finches Friend easy clean feeder after witnessing Trichonomosis kill the birds in my own garden around seven years ago.  One day I found a sick bird, and a month later all my Greenfinches were dead. I had no clue about the problem, or the fact that I was partially responsible.

“Finches Friend is the product of a lifetime of engineering experience, and a passion to find a solution to create safer gardens. We are extremely proud that they are made locally in Kent and are the only feeders in the world, designed specifically for this purpose. Sustainability is also extremely important to us and so Finches Friend Feeders are built to last, and we use components and packaging that are recyclable.

“We really want to educate as many people as possible on the importance of a regular cleaning routine, but also wanted to make the process as easy as possible. We want to nurture and protect wild birds, and I believe that our feeders can really help to do that.”

Wildlife presenter Martin Hughes-Games is Brand Ambassador for Finches Friend, he commented; “We all want to help our feathered friends but may have been inadvertently spreading a killer disease among them – unwittingly killing birds with kindness. So many people take the time to invest in a feeder for their garden birds, but by not cleaning feeders regularly, they are adding to this unfolding, but largely hidden, disaster. The Finches Friend Feeder system address this problem head on with a brilliant solution. Not only are the feeders easy to clean, they keep the food dry which is also vital to stop the spread of disease.”  

Product development for Finches Friend started in 2016 and the business released its first product in 2021. Founded by Dick Woods, an engineer with over 40 years’ experience of product design and manufacture, Finches Friend is a family business run alongside his son Andrew Woods. The feeders are manufactured in Kent.

 After witnessing a shocking decline of finches in his own garden, Dick identified through research that Trichomonosis was the cause and set about creating a solution in the form of the innovative Feeders which overcome the key problems surrounding feeding garden birds. Finches Friend aims to create safer gardens for all wildlife.

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