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Fertilising the lawn

While the weather may be looking rather gloomy and rainy, it’s the perfect time to get out in the garden and show your lawn some love. Applying feed to your grass while the soil is moist or when rain is expected will help the fertiliser soak into the soil with ease, encouraging it to travel deep into the earth and effectively nourish the roots. Fertilising the lawn now will also help prepare the lawn for the winter months that are fast approaching, as it will encourage thicker, stronger grass that will be able to withstand the brittle temperatures, helping it look thick and luscious come spring.

The fertiliser range from iconic plant food brand, Phostrogen®, includes its Organic Lawn Food, which offers a natural, OF&G certified fertiliser that has been developed to make lawn maintenance easier while stimulating thicker, greener and more durable lawns. Plus, with all three key nutrients – nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium – it can feed grass for up to 100 days and is suitable for use on all types of lawns.

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