How do I set up a shop?


Click on ‘Apply to become a vendor’

Accept terms and conditions

Your application will be processed by us

How do I get to my account page?

Once you have become vendor, when you sign in, go to ‘ACCOUNT’ from the main menu

Clicking on ‘ACCOUNT DASHBOARD’ will take you to your member profile dashboard.

Clicking on ‘VENDOR DASHBOARD’ will take you to the dashboard to manage or add products

My business is not showing up when I search ‘find supplier by location’

Make sure that you have added your location to your account.

Go to ‘ACCOUNT’  > ‘ACCOUNT DASHBOARD’ then click on location tab from your profile main menu

Click on ‘location’ from the menu bar

Add your location

PLEASE NOTE The Local Supplier search only goes out 200 miles from the searcher’s location. If the business is more than 200 miles from the searcher’s location it will not show up. It will, however, still be found in the the ‘all members’ search and the ‘suppliers by category’ search

How do I add a picture gallery to my account?

Go to your account page. Click on ‘media’ at the end of the menu. Click on gallery and then add gallery from the drop down menu

How do I add a product

Go to your ‘VENDOR DASHBOARD’ and click on the ‘Add new product” tab from the main menu.

Fill in the title and description.

Select the category suitable for your product

Under ‘product data’ select ‘External/Affiliate product’

Copy and paste the URL of the product on your website

The button text is set to ‘Buy product’ but you can alter this to wording of your choice such as ‘find out more’ or ‘get a quote’. Just type in your preferred word

Type in the price

Add your product image

Submit the product

Your product will not show up immediately. Once you have uploaded a product, we will make a shop for you and assign your uploaded products to your shop. The products and your shop will appear the following day. Once we have made your shop, any products that you upload will automatically be assigned to it.

I can’t find a suitable category to add my articles and products to?

Just add your post or product as normal and choose any category and upload. When we come to approve the post we will add a suitable category for you and assign the post or product to it.