Essential tools to make winter garden maintenance safe, efficient and productive


Winter can be a daunting season for gardeners, with the freezing temperatures and the added burden of snow and ice making the thought of going outdoors less appealing. Preparing the garden for the cold months ahead requires effort and planning, especially when there are trees or large bushes to maintain, but it pays dividends in the future. Thankfully, Cobra and Henchman have three essential tools to make this task more manageable and ensure the well-being of gardeners and their landscapes during the treacherous winter working conditions.

  1. Chainsaw for winter tree maintenance

One of the primary concerns during winter is the potential damage heavy snow and ice can inflict on trees – this is where a reliable chainsaw comes to the rescue. It becomes an indispensable tool for pruning and removing dead or damaged branches, which not only promotes the overall health and vitality of trees but also safeguards the surrounding plants

Winter storms can easily bring down trees and branches, posing risks to homes, vehicles, and garden structures. Having a chainsaw on hand allows gardeners to keep their trees well-maintained and to swiftly clear away any fallen branches. Cobra’s CS35040VZ Cordless Chainsaw is equipped with a 14 inch Oregon bar and chain, offering superior cutting capabilities for both pruning trees and preparing firewood. Being battery powered, it eradicates the need for electricity cables or petrol, providing power at the touch of a button.

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For homeowners with fireplaces or wood stoves, a chainsaw is an invaluable piece of winter kit. It efficiently processes fallen trees or trims branches into firewood, perfect for fire baskets and wood-burning stoves so homeowners can save on heating bills and reduce their carbon footprint without the cost of purchasing logs.

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2. Reliable ladder for safe pruning

Light tree pruning, especially in cold and icy conditions, can be hazardous if not done with the right equipment and safety precautions. A secure and dependable ladder is essential for safe and effective tree pruning in winter which should always be the top priority, especially when working at heights on potentially slippery surfaces.

Choosing a ladder that provides stability minimises the risk of accidents. Henchman’s Tripod Ladders are expertly designed to offer safe and wobble-free working conditions. Each leg is independently fully adjustable to accommodate slopes, and unlike traditional step ladders which should only be used on flat hard ground, the Henchman Tripod ladder has been purposefully designed to be used on soft, uneven ground. The Henchman Tripod Ladder has extra-wide, clawed feet have a large surface area that distributes weight evenly, preventing sinking and minimising slippage during wintery conditions. The ladder pictured is a 16ft PRO Tripod, which comes in sizes from 6” to 16”, so no task will be out of reach!

3. Wood chipper for taming winter debris

Winter can leave gardens covered in leaves, twigs, and debris. A wood chipper quickly transforms this mess into valuable wood chips suitable for mulching, creating pathways, or enriching compost piles. The Cobra CHIP650L Wood Chipper is a robust machine, designed to handle branches up to 80mm/3″ in diameter, offering a compact yet powerful solution for winter garden maintenance needs.

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As winter approaches, Cobra and Henchman offer tools that empower homeowners to tackle the season’s challenges with ease, making  labour-intensive tasks manageable and efficient whilst ensuring the safety and health of gardens and homeowners.

For more information about Cobra machinery and lawn care advice, visit or to find out more about Henchman ladders and safety tips visit

Cobra CS35040VZ 40V Cordless Chainsaw – RRP £158.99

Henchman PRO Fully Adjustable Tripod Ladder – RRP from £399

Cobra CHIP650L 3” Capacity Wood Chipper – RRP £829.99

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