elho’s new range of Exclusive planters

Pure Edge: RRP £94.50-£148

This unique garden pot from the elho collection has a strong and modern look. The pure edge is a true eye-catcher that can be combined with many plants.

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Pure Amphora: RRP £126-£186

The pure amphora from the elho collection is a true eye-catcher in every living room, garden or terrace.

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Allure Ribbon Vase: RRP £55.50-£109
The classic shape of the ribbon vase planter allows you to create atmosphere in any garden. Using synthetic material combined with wood fibres gives the pot a soft look and feel without losing the advantages of a synthetic pot.

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Allure Soft: RRP £53-£215

Are you looking for a modern pot with a soft and natural look and feel? This pot is suitable for both inside and outside the house and can be combined with smaller plants and flowers.

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Pure Allure Soft: RRP £53-£215
With its modern straight lines, the pure soft brick long is a stylish flowerpot and beautiful addition to your interior or garden. The wheels on the base make this planter so easy to move without ruining your flooring.

Macintosh SSD:private:var:folders:8j:vjlfwgns5wx9kb9j79whfd_00000gn:T:TemporaryItems:ZCDlckFw.jpg Macintosh SSD:private:var:folders:8j:vjlfwgns5wx9kb9j79whfd_00000gn:T:TemporaryItems:0dgw1Y0x.jpg


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