For a dad who loves to… 

If your dad is a perfectionist in the kitchen it has to be fresh herbs.
Brussels Herbs Station RRP £11.29


Does your dad like to party? Extend the warm summer nights with clever solar lighting and a planter in one.

Flower Light RRP £39.99


Get your dad on board with the #urbanjungle. Trendy cacti and succulents are highly ‘Instagrammable’.

B.For Diamond Trio RRP £2.69

…Go large

If your dad likes to make a design statement then exclusive Elho pots and planters are perfect. And the larger sizes come on wheels to save his back!

Pure Soft Round RRP £21.79 to £115

Or for a dad in training…

We might be pushing it but…why not give a prospective parent the chance to practice his skills on a houseplant? Plants thrive with plenty of love, care and attention. Just like children.

B.For Original RRP £2.99 to £4.99

Elho pots and planters are widely stocked at all good garden centres, retailers and available online.
W:  www.elho.com
F:  www.facebook.com/elho


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