Eight ways you can repurpose household items instead of buying new items from the market.

Your home is your sanctuary, and you always want to keep it nice and clean. But, empty jars, old Tees, single pair of socks, empty egg and soda crates, worn-out jeans, reusable plastic bags and a whole lot of junk are just cluttering up your space. It could be that you are now more environmentally conscious and more readily inclined to reduce your carbon footprint by recycling and reusing used items, but do you sometimes find out that you have no idea what to do with an empty styro foam egg crate? Don’t despair; this article describes eight items and some of the ways to repurpose household items that may have never come to your mind. Repurposing would serve as a useful avenue for you to declutter your house, redecorate and probably give it an aesthetic feel and most importantly save you the money and stress that you could have used to buy these items from the market and add to more clutter in your home.

Used Jars, Cans, and containers.

 I know you could say that glass and metals are easily recyclable, so instead of bringing out your “inner genius,” trying to repurpose the glass containers you could recycle them. However, you can have several new uses for that empty mayonnaise jar or empty coffee container that would not only save you of the costs of purchasing a new item for that use but also cuts the waste of recycling (thereby checking your carbon footprint).

You could wash and clean those empty Jars and use them as containers to store grains and other food items for an extended period. By storing grains in jars, you not only save them but protects them from invasion by insect pests that could begin destroying your grains before you get to use it. These pests could also infest your house and getting rid of such pests as ants or weevils could be another battle all together that would cost much in both time and money. However, when all your grains are in glass jars and tightly sealed, insects can’t get to them and destroy them.

Glass jars could also serve as a vase for your beautiful flowers, they could also be used to adorn your home by using them to create water candles that could be used to decorate the dining table and other strategic position in the house, and this could be a beauty to behold.

Egg cartons.

These could serve for a variety of purposes; in the kitchen to package already baked cupcakes and muffins or for freezing already portioned things that you are not ready to cook yet – meatballs, cookie dough batter, and other types of dough. It could also be used to grow seedlings into the garden. And it can be used to store Christmas ornaments and other random things like screws and nuts around the house.

Old Socks.

There is always that pair of socks that are missing a leg, and sometimes it could be more. Instead of throwing them away old Socks can be worn as gloves when gardening or cleaning the house, it could be used to store children games and little toys that could go missing and keep random objects that could be easily be misplaced around the house.

Old Tees.

Your old T-shirts are probably riddled with holes and are not fit to even wear around the house. They could be turned to rags around the house, or to dry objects or probably to wash your car. They could also be used to pad a dog crate, or they could be converted to pillowcases by sewing.

Mesh Vegetable bags

Buying fresh fruits and vegetables from the market is rewarding, but do you throw away the mesh bags used to pack such vegetables? You shouldn’t anymore because they can be used as a scrubber for washing little dishes and cleaning the glass windows around the house. It could also be used as a yarn holder, place the yarn inside and thread it together.


Old Newspapers are a sure thing to have around the house if you just returned from the market buying vegetables like spinach or greens, but you do not want to prepare them immediately wrap them up properly in a newspaper and put it in your fridge. It can be used to cover the windows of your car when it snows to help protect it from the ice, in the morning you peel it off! ; it can also be used to wrap items up for shipping or when you want to store items long term especially glass items; Newspapers have a surprising ability to absorb bad odors wrap up newspapers and put into your smelly shoes, or in the fridge and watch that smell disappear.

Tissue boxes.

You can convert used tissue box can into a variety of uses that could range from organizing your wardrobe and drawers into more compartments for the storing little items to use as a trash box for your car.

Use empty tissue boxes to store your plastic grocery bags, and if you have the time to be a little creative, your plastic bags could pop up tissues!. Slide the bottom of the plastic bags into the edge of the new bag and insert them all into the box. You could also use tissue boxes to store a wide range of items from cooking seasoning to office supplies, and they are durable too.  It is quite easy and also fun to repurpose household items it not only brings out your creative side, but it also declutters your home and saves you time and money getting things to hold or store your stuff when they’re already available. So before you regard that item as junk and waste of space, pause to consider what purpose you can serve. Get your creative side working, and you just might be saved an extra trip to the market.

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