Easter Sowing For Happy Growing

Worried that you will be overdoing the chocolate and hot cross buns over the Easter break?  Don’t panic… the Burpee Europe team have just the job you can do to get off the couch and burn some calories!  

Easter is a period of hope and new beginnings and there is no more fitting way to relish this time of year than by sowing vegetable and flower seeds.  From courgettes that are great for containers to exotic looking celosia blooms, your tastebuds and eyes will be filled to the brim with joy and optimism.

For your Easter weekend workout simply Lift your seed packets and select which of these Burpee Europe varieties you want to sow. Exercise those eye muscles by reading the instructions (optional extra of walking to the kettle to make a cup of tea) Work those brain cells as to where and how you should sow them  Jump around with joy as you see them grow See, The Green Goddess has got nothing on us!
Courgette ‘Pic n Pic’  Compact bush type  Ideal for containers and small spaces Ripens early and highly productive Seeds available from: Marshalls   Pennard Plants
Celosia ‘Fandance Purple’  Fascinating rippled blooms Exceptionally rich colour  Sow up to May  One of the seasons earliest blooms Seeds available from: Nickys Nursery  Marshalls 
Tomato ‘Cherry Baby’  Cascading, jewel-like clusters of delectable ruby-red cherries Bursting with sweetness, light and a tingly-tangy ‘pop’  Super productive Suitable for large container or garden  Seeds available from: Marshalls  Simply Seeds  Plants of Distinction  Nickys Nursery  Simpsons Seeds  
Sunflower ‘Ms Mars’  Gorgeous sunflower Flowers, leaves & stems with dark-red-to purple hues Low growing, suitable for container or garden  Seeds available from:  Pennard Plants  Chiltern Seeds  Suttons Kings Seeds  Plants of Distinction  Nickys Nursery  Marshalls  Crocus  Sarah Raven

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