Durston Garden Products – there’s still time to place orders for 2023


The year appears to be running away from us and, with so much on retailers’ plates right now, you might be panicking that you’ve missed the boat with buying on some categories for the coming season. But fear not because it’s not too late to place orders with Durston Garden Products for 2023, allowing you to tap into a comprehensive growing media offer and peat-free collection – all wrapped up in recyclable packaging.

Following a fantastic Glee and strong 2022, with an encouraging response to exciting new launches, Durstons look set to give retailers’ compost sales a real boost next year, as well as creating new opportunities around peat-free, with products that deliver on their promises.

With a host of new additions introduced ahead of the 2023 season, Durstons are letting retailers know there is still time to get those all-important orders in ready to enhance your growing media offering for the coming year.

Creating Opportunities in Peat-Free

As part of Durston Garden Products’ mission towards a peat-free future, the family-run company launched a host of exciting new products to create opportunities for garden retailers; all of which have been firmly welcomed by retail buyers in the industry.

New additions include Multi-Purpose Compost Peat-Free; a top-quality multi-purpose compost produced entirely from renewable sources and featuring Durstons’ unique performance-enhancing ingredient, GRO BOOST.

Also part of Durstons’ peat-free family is their new Organic Multi-Purpose Compost Peat Free, which boasts a blend of the highest-quality organic, peat-free growing media, combined with a wetting agent. Both composts provide excellent nutrient content and creates ideal growing conditions for plants.

Another launch that garnered great interest this year is the brand-new Peat Free Grow in the Bag, which is offered in an extra-large pack, making it ideal for growing a wide range of fruit, vegetables and salad crops. This product has been extremely well received by buyers who believe it plugs a gap in the peat-free market.

Finally, in a bid to cater to all price points, Durstons’ Manor Farm Multi-Purpose Compost Peat Free is a super value, eco-friendly compost that contains all the nutrients needed to actively promote healthy growth and establish seedlings, cuttings, young plants, flowers and vegetables.

Comprehensive Offer

Durston’s peat-free collection joins a well-established and comprehensive growing media offer that satisfies the need of garden centre customers of all skillsets to help them tackle an extensive range of gardening tasks.

Within this quality line-up is a Multi-Purpose Compost that boasts an impressive nutrient value, essential for healthy plant growth, thanks to Durstons’ unique organic additive, GRO BOOST. Available in 10-, 20-, 40-, 50-, and 60-litre packs, the best-selling compost also contains a wetting agent and is blended perfectly for optimum water absorption, aeration and drainage.

Another top-selling product is Multi-Purpose Compost with John Innes (50 litre pack), which also benefits from innovative GRO BOOST technology, plus added John Innes to help retain water for longer and assist in re-wetting compost if it has been allowed to dry out.  

With a 22-strong portfolio on offer, retailers can also take their pick from Durstons’:

  • Ericaceous Compost (40 and 60 litres)
  • Seed & Cutting Compost (20 litres)
  • Tub & Basket Compost (50 litres)
  • Bulb Fibre Compost (20 litres)
  • Rose Tree & Shrub Compost (50 litres)
  • John Innes Seed Compost (25 litres)
  • John Innes No.1 Young Plant Compost (25 litres)
  • John Innes No.2 Potting On Compost (25 litres)
  • John Inned No.3 Mature Plant Compost (25 litres)
  • Enriched Top Soil (20 litres)
  • Soil Conditioner (40 litres)
  • Farmyard Manure (40 litres)
  • Decorative Bark (50 and 100 litres)
  • Grow Bag
  • Vegetable Planter
  • Manor Farm Multi-Purpose Compost (40, 50 and 60 litres)

Following a packaging revamp, all products in Durstons’ range provide real stand-out on shelf thanks to eye-catching imagery and clear, concise messaging, which helps garden centre customers navigate the confusing world of compost more easily and find the right product for the job.

Making Responsible Choices

As part of Durstons’ commitment to a sustainable future – as seen by the company’s peat-free pledge – they were also one of the first growing media brands to introduce 100%-recyclable packaging in the market.

The bags in which all of Durstons composts are packed are not made of laminated polythene, meaning they are completely recyclable, where facilities exist. Durstons have also incorporated 30% recycled material into the make-up of their compost bags.

Durstons Garden Products make a concerted offer to only work with suppliers that can offer a range of sustainable and renewable packaging solutions.

As sustainability and ethical choices rank high on the consumer agenda, retailers need to consider recycling when choosing their compost supplier because, trust us, your customers certainly will!

Don’t miss out – take time to review your growing media offer for 2023 and plug the gaps with outstanding products from Durstons.

For more information about Durstons’ products and services, call 01458 442688 or email info@durstongardenproducts.co.uk

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