Europe’s leading supplier of nematodes to control slugs has warned dog owners that their animals will be at risk of lungworm infection once the drought is over and the slugs emerge as rain returns to normal.

“Evidence of slug infestation in gardens has been severely reduced since early June as the hot weather has literally driven them underground, seeking moisture, food and breeding.  Once the rain returns they will be out in very large numbers trying to recoup their lost food sources.  This is when dogs will become more at risk of lung worm,” says Helen Ainsworth, regional sales manager for BASF.

BASF’s Nemaslug products now account for a quarter of all the UK’s slug control. A unique feature of the use of Nemaslug as slug control is that pets and children need not be excluded from treated areas.

“We are expecting a significant invasion of slugs now that the rain has returned, and the risk of lung worm in dogs from ingesting slugs is very serious, often leading to death,” says Helen. “The advantage of using nematodes to control slugs is that, not only do they decimate the population of the pest, reducing the risk of pets ingesting them and getting lungworm, but also that the pest control itself poses no threat to the pet.”


BASF is Europe’s leading grower of nematodes and at is purpose-built facility at Littlehampton in East Sussex the company grow trillions of these microscopic, worms each year.  They do occur naturally in garden soil.  BASF breeds five different species of nematode, each of which target specifically different pray.  They do not attack non-target species and nematodes cause absolutely no problems in water courses.  They are easily applied either by watering can or hose feeders.


All Nemasys products can be ordered online, with an entire season’s worth being ordered and sent out as and when needed. This means that all of your planning can be done now, and you can concentrate on planting and growing, safe in the knowledge that your pest control is taken care of.


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