Dobbies teams up with The Tree Council for free children’s workshop


Dobbies, the UK’s leading garden centre, is supporting the Tree Council’s seed gathering campaign with a special edition of its Little Seedlings Club workshop on Sunday 1 October. The free event will offer children aged 4-10 the chance to learn about “Super Seeds” and the vital role they play in bettering the environment and wider ecosystem.

Seed Gathering Season, a month-long campaign run by The Tree Council, begins on the Autumn equinox on September 23, and is a crucial time of year where everyone can get involved in gathering tree seeds, nuts and fruits that will grow to become the next generation of life-giving trees, shrubs and hedgerows.

The workshop on 1 October will be a fun and interactive morning led by Dobbies’ gardening experts. Children will be introduced to a variety of seeds commonly found in gardens and parks, including pinecones, sycamore and apples.

The workshop will delve into the essential role seeds and plants play in nature, from producing oxygen to providing food and habitats for animals, as well as enriching the soil. Dobbies’ gardening experts will demonstrate the journey of tree growth, from planting to germination, helping children understand how seeds travel, whether that’s through the wind, animal fur, or many other ways in everyday nature. 

There will be a special focus on acorns and oak trees, showcasing their unique characteristics and remarkable lifespan of up to 1,000 years. Kids will also get the chance to create their very own acorn collage to take home, fostering their connection with nature.

Dobbies’ Community and CSR Communications Executive, Chloë Bell, said: “We’re thrilled to join forces with our good friends at The Tree Council for this special Little Seedlings workshop. At Dobbies we have a commitment to nurture young minds and ensure the preservation of our natural environment for future generations.”

Chief Executive from The Tree Council, Sara Lom, added: “At the Tree Council we are committed to helping young people connect, learn, share and care about the vital role trees play in our environment.  By partnering with Dobbies, we can reach a wide audience of engaged youngsters who will help inspire the next generation to protect and nurture trees for people, wildlife and our planet.”

Dobbies is supporting the planting of 500 trees and 100 metres of hedgerows across the UK, as part of its partnership with The Tree Council, formed in celebration of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. This commitment from Dobbies, alongside 69 like-minded and green–hearted partners, will see over 35,000 trees and 7 kilometres of hedgerows planted across the country

For more information about how to take part, visit October Little Seedlings Club Workshop | Dobbies Garden Centres.

To find out more about The Tree Council’s Seed Gathering Campaign, visit Seed Gathering Season – The Tree Council

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