Do Worms make good compost?

Do Worms make good compost?

Wormeries provide an environmentally friendly and efficient method of turning dead organic matter into high quality compost at home, as well as a valuable way to get rid of kitchen waste.

Wormery, ‘the home of wormeries’, invented them in the 1980s and sells a wide range of options suitable for every home. The extensive range from Wormery includes Junior, Midi, Original, Standard Tiger, Deluxe Tiger, Stainless Steel Indoor, and Pet and Dog Poo variations.

With a small 18 litre capacity, the Junior Wormery is an introductory model to get children interested. It is also perfect for those with small flats and balconies with space restrictions, who also have less waste to dispose of. The best-selling Midi Wormery is slightly larger at 27 litres, but at 43cm high, can still fit inside kitchen cupboards for a convenient way to dispose of waste.

The Deluxe Original Wormery was the first commercially available Wormery. It has been developed ever since and has evolved to become Wormery’s highest acclaimed and bestselling all-in-one wormery. It has a 90-litre capacity and includes worm coir bedding to help settle the worms into the unit, 250g of tiger worms, 1.5kg of lime mix to regulate acidity, 1.5kg of pelletised worm treats and a coir fibre moisture mat to maintain ideal moisture levels. It also features brass aeration vents, a quality rubberised lid seal and a patented drainage system to provide truly optimum conditions.

For those seeking something more distinctive, the Tiger Wormeries are available in various colours, including terracotta, green, black, blue and purple. It turns kitchen waste into liquid feed and rich organic vermicompost efficiently. As the worm composting unit fills, the worms follow the food upwards through the holes in the base of the trays leaving behind their rich organic compost in the trays below.

For households with pets, the Pet Poo Wormery comes in two sizes, for single and multiple dog households. It provides an eco-friendly way to process pet waste and comes with Bokashi Bran to help break down poo and eliminate odours.  

For best results, it is important to use the right kind of worms. All products from Wormery come with recommend tiger worms that turn organic food waste into compost. The excrement they produce is extremely rich in slow-release nutrients, minerals and bacteria, which helps plants grow and protects them from disease.

All Wormery products come with all required accessories, including the worms, to be able to get the wormery in action straight away.  The Deluxe Wormeries offer an upgrade on the Standard Wormeries, with 1.5kg of worm treats, and a coir fibre moisture mat included.

Getting the balance right is essential for the health of a wormery. The worms will eat any dead and decaying organic matter including ordinary kitchen waste such as peelings, bread, cooked and uncooked scraps, tea bags, eggshells, and kitchen paper. Almost all organic waste can go into the wormery, as long as it has begun to decay prior to being added. A small amount of garden waste can be added too.

As well as processing kitchen waste into useful compost, wormeries create a concentrated liquid fertiliser, collected in the sump tray under the wormery. The liquid feed is high in Potassium and Phosphorus, has a medium level of Nitrogen and is rich in essential minerals, so makes the perfect plant feed when diluted.

Once the Wormery is established, it provides worms with their ideal environment, so they will not leave, meaning there is no need to keep buying worms. Worms cleverly self-regulate their numbers, so there is no need to worry about overpopulation either.

When buying a wormery as a gift, it can be delivered with a worm card instead of live worms. When the recipient is ready to set it up, they simply return the worm card by post and the live tiger worms will be sent to them.

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The Junior Wormery                                                                          18L £40.00

The Midi Wormery                                                                             27L £49.99

The Original Wormery Composter                                                   100L £64.99

3 Tray Standard Tiger Wormery (various colours                           46.5L £59.99

4 Tray Standard Tiger Wormery (various colours)                             62L £68.99

The Deluxe Original Wormery Composter                                       100L £79.99

Deluxe Stainless Steel Indoor Wormery Composter                          30L £119.99

3 Tray Deluxe Tiger Wormery (various colours)                              46.5L £73.99

4 Tray Deluxe Tiger Wormery (various colours)                                 62L £95.64


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