Deco-Pak Chelsea Garden Range sales up 15%

Chelsea Garden Range

Deco-Pak has reported a rise in sales in its Chelsea Garden range in the week throughout the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, as the ornamental aggregates specialist announces its continued commitment to a 3 day delivery turnaround.

Deco-Pak Director Rod slater said: “Every year we see a dramatic rise in sales in our Chelsea garden range of sands and gravel for the week throughout and following the show. To date in 2018 we’ve already seen across the board sales of this line shoot up by 15%”.

Chelsea Garden Range

The reason behind the demand comes from the established worth of the merchandise, says Rod: “Chelsea is a name synonymous with horticultural excellence, exactly the results we promise customers will see using our horticultural grits and sands. The repeat sales are proof that the product’s price point is working too.”

In contrast to several larger suppliers, Deco-Pak has additionally recently declared its highest ever level of capability in provision. Warehousing capability and an enlarged supply network means that the company is presently turning around deliveries  as quick as twenty four hours.

Chelsea Garden Range

Deco-Pak’s Chelsea range currently includes a traditional top soil and peat based balanced multi-purpose compost. The compost has won over gardeners employing a superior mix of prime quality peat and sustainable alternative ingredients providing natural nutrients and larger, brighter blooms. The merchandise is being marketed as a premium compost that’s excellent for germinating seeds, growing on seedlings, tubs and baskets and is presently on the market for £1.65 each (trade price) at time of press.

Other recent additions to the line include; alpine red flame, alpine white, alpine mix, alpine gold, traditional woodlandbark and Lytag. Chelsea pea gravel, coarse grit, potting grit, silver sand and sharp sand products complete the range. The entire range may be viewed on Deco-Pak’s new updated website:

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Visit, connect via Twitter @deco_pak, or call the sales workplace on 01422 204394.

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