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Cultivar Greenhouses launches new accessories to make growing even easier

When it comes to a successful growing season, the right tools and accessories are as essential as the greenhouse itself. That’s why premium greenhouse manufacturer, Cultivar Greenhouses, has designed two new greenhouse accessories to help your crops flourish.

Its new cucumber ladder is a clever innovation designed to support your cucumbers as they start to grow, as well as many other plants. It can be easily secured using a screwdriver to the screw ports on all Cultivar greenhouses. When fixed at intervals between the uprights, twine can be threaded through to create a ‘ladder’ for the tendrils of your cucumber plants to wind themselves around as it climbs towards the light. At the end of the season, simply cut the twine to remove the plant, leaving fixings in place for next year.

Cultivar Greenhouse trade stand at Hampton Court Flower Show 2022. Photo credit Mark Spencer.

Another accessory introduced to Cultivar’s collection is the grow bar; a must-have greenhouse addition for keen tomato growers. Providing a useful fixture for stringing up tomatoes, it can be inserted in a matter of minutes into the greenhouse’s uprights or roof members using just a few screws. The grow bars are available in two lengths – 1500mm and 2250mm – and can be added at the time of purchasing a Cultivar greenhouse or at a later date.

The new products are the latest innovations from Cultivar Greenhouses which can be added to your greenhouse, alongside the Series 3 Shelving, Shading, Rainwater Diverters and Cold Frames, helping to keep your greenhouse organised and aid the growth of your crops.

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