Create summer vibes in the city with elho’s loft urban range

The arrival of summer brings with it warmer days, lighter nights, and the opportunity to get outside and embrace all that nature has to offer. Adding plants to outdoor spaces is a great way to create a bright summertime haven and cleanse spaces of the dull, cold winter months that have passed.

Everyone can create a lush outdoor space and benefit from surrounding themselves with nature, even those in urban environments with restricted exterior areas. Sustainable plant pot producer, elho, recognises the importance of this and its ‘loft urban’ range helps people create a plant paradise with ease, no matter how small the space.

The loft urban collection has been designed with urban balconies and roof terraces in mind and the products style and applications reflect this inspiration – resulting in the perfect selection of pots for city dwellers. With a robust, matt finish and a range of bright, warm colours the loft urban range allows plant lovers to create a dynamic and personal look to their outdoor areas.

If you can’t grow out, grow up!

Vertical gardening helps to bring nature to even the smallest surroundings. Adding plants to balcony railings creates a tumbling display of colour that can be admired whilst relaxing on the balcony during the first whisper of dusk. The elho loft urban balcony potholder is a small, convenient planter that is sold together with the holder and can be directly attached to the balcony railing.

The integrated water reservoir will also save a lot of time and water: when it rains the surplus of water is stored for when plant need it most. The only decision to make is what to plant in it.

Create a vibrant sea of colour

For those with limited outdoor space, theloft urban round pot is the perfect choice as it adds a flurry of plants and injects bright colours to balconies and terraces without taking up a lot of space. With a range of sizes available, ranging from 19cm to 49cm, city dwellers can transform even the smallest spaces into a sea of flourishing nature, adding depth and texture to external sanctuaries.

The pots are also available in 11 vivid colours – including delicate pink, ochre, white, cherry red and vintage blue – providing a huge range to choose from.

Create a window or wall of colour 

Windowsills and ledges are the perfect places to add greenery and are great for creating small herb gardens that can garnish alfresco lunches in the sun. Windowsills are also an ideal place to add an array of colourful foliage, injecting a vibrant sea of nature and masking the urban scenery.

The loft urban trough is great for narrow spaces such as windowsills and tapered ledges, with its oblong design and robust finish created with smaller spaces in mind. The built-in reservoir also makes sure that plants and herbs are watered when they need to be and, with the addition of a saucer, no nasty stains will be left behind on surfaces. The loft urban trough is available in white, warm grey, anthracite and brique – adding subtle shades of colour to balconies and terraces that suits every style.

A wilderness of plants and greenery, even in small spaces 

With elho’s loft urban flower bridge, creating a personal collection of nature is a lot easier, especially for those who don’t have space for planters or larger pots. With its simple design and two different sizes, people can better display their plants, creating a personalised oasis of flourishing flowers and greenery that can be easily admired when relaxing with a coffee on a warm summer morning.

The flower bridge can also be easily attached onto the top of balcony railings with clips to fixate the pot, making them easily manoeuvrable as the clips can be unclipped and re-attached once they have been moved. This makes for the perfect design for sun-loving plants, such as festuca glauca and senecio cineraria, as the pots can be moved around so they can savour every bit of the sun, keeping them flourishing and healthy.

With a wide choice of colours – white, cherry red, anthracite, vintage blue and brique – doses of bright colours can be introduced to urban outdoor sanctuaries, helping to keep them looking vibrant for many summers to come.

As with all elho products, they are 100% recyclable and made with 80% recycled plastic, reflecting their commitment to sustainability and catering to the continuously growing need for ethical buying options.

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of surrounding themselves with nature, and with summer approaching, it’s the perfect time to get outside and enjoy its offerings. With elho’s loft urban range, even those just starting out on their gardening journey can create lush outdoor spaces, no matter the size – forming the perfect summer paradise.


Potholder (27cm) – £11.99

Round (19cm) – £5.99

Round (25cm) – £8.49

Round (29cm) – £12.99

Round (39cm) – £24.99

Round (49cm) – £42.99

Trough (50cm) – £17.99

Flower bridge (29cm) – £11.99

Flower bridge (50cm) – £22.99

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