Create a luscious outdoor paradise with elho

The arrival of spring brings with it brighter days, longer evenings and the opportunity to spend more time outside surrounded by nature. Even those with limited outside space can embrace the beauty of nature, with many innovative planting options for balconies and small spaces available to create the perfect haven in which to relax and unwind.

elho, the sustainable plant pot producer, is passionate about encouraging people to introduce nature into their lives, and with its vibia campana and greensense aqua care collections, it makes it possible for even those with the smallest of outdoor spaces. With robust, matt finishes and a range of beautiful shades, both collections allow plant lovers to create the perfect paradise and keep plants thriving.

Inject a splash of colour

With its timeless shapes and soft pastel shades, the vibia campana collection is the perfect choice for those with balconies or limited outdoor space as it can help nature flourish in even the smallest of spaces.

The easy hanger, flower bridge and flower twin models offer a simple way to create a sea of flourishing plants, that disguises urban surroundings, as they are suitable for almost any balcony, easily slotting onto a variety of railings up to 6.5cm wide. Each of these pots has a large growing space allowing plant roots plenty of room to grow.

The vertical forest also offers a fun and innovative way to transform balconies, with three pots clipped together that hang vertically on balconies, brightening up dull city landscapes with vibrant pots and blooming greenery.  

The range provides a straight and stable look thanks to its flat back, while its simple, rounded shape and cool, natural texture offer a unique finish. These balcony products also benefit from an overflow tube, allowing greenery to be appreciated for longer as it drains away any excess water, making it ideal after over watering or heavy rainfall.

Beautiful and practical designs

A lush collection of greenery in outdoor spaces is something many people dream of, and with elho’s greensense aqua care pots, creating such a spot is simple and easy.

With an integrated water reservoir and handy water meter, plant owners no longer have to worry about under or over watering their plants, as the pot regulates the water for the plant itself and the indicator clearly displays when it needs a top up. The pots also come equipped with a plug, which can be removed when being used outdoors, to allow excess water to be drained, and inserted for indoor use. Its handy wheels also make it easy to manoeuvre into the perfect spot.

The greensense aqua care pots also offer a stylish and sleek design, with its natural rough texture offering a rugged concrete look and the light concrete and charcoal grey shades achieving a contemporary statement to gardens, balconies, terraces and even indoor spaces, especially when planted with architectural plants and grasses. Its round design is available in sizes ranging from 30cm to 43cm and the square design from 30cm to 38cm.

elho is passionate about helping people create the perfect hub of greenery so they can enjoy the benefits of surrounding themselves with nature, and with spring on its way it’s the perfect time to get outside and enjoy everything it has to offer. With elho’s vibia campana and greensense aqua care collections, everyone can create lush outdoor spaces, no matter the size.  

To find out more about elho, its products and its commitment to sustainability, please visit

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