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Create a healthy growing environment in your greenhouse this winter

A warm, dry greenhouse is a great way to keep tender plants alive throughout the cold winter months. Offering protection from harsh frosts, prolonged waterlogging, or drying winds, greenhouses can help your favourite plants thrive despite the chill in the air outside. Gardening expert Town & Country provide some tips and tricks for making the most of your greenhouses and creating a healthy growing environment.

Autumn is the perfect opportunity to clean greenhouses and get them ready for the winter season ahead. Dirty windows reduce valuable winter light levels, so plants will appreciate you taking the time to give the windows a good clean as the seasons change. It’s best to empty all plants and pots out of the greenhouse and then scrub the glass inside and out.

To help prevent a build-up of grime and mould, Town & Country’s 3-in-1 Window Washer can be used as a handheld or extendable washer to reach every part of the greenhouse. The natural anti-bacterial properties help to keep the greenhouse conditions healthy, while the telescopic handle allows easy access to the very top of the greenhouse, meaning no windowpane is missed. The handy squeegee removes all streaks by absorbing excess water, to leave your greenhouse shining.

Maintaining optimal temperatures within the greenhouse is key to many plants’ survival. Greenhouses must be at least above 3 degrees Celsius to keep the frost out, with many plants happiest in a greenhouse that hovers between 7 – 10 degrees. Regulating greenhouse temperatures, while avoiding wasting energy, can easily be done with a thermostat-controlled greenhouse heater.

Town & Country’s Electric Greenhouse Heater has a thermostat to control the temperature and a safety cut-off feature to prevent overheating. The fan-controlled heater distributes warmth throughout the greenhouse, helping to maintain a consistent temperature. The 2kw is perfect for small to medium-sized greenhouses, with the 3kw providing the extra power needed to heat a larger-sized greenhouse.

Finding versatile equipment can improve the sustainability of your gardening practices. The Town & Country Electric Greenhouse Heater is multi-purpose and can be moved indoors to heat chilly conservatories, be placed in garages, or heat any outbuildings. Perfect for any season, the heater also doubles as a fan to cool you and your greenhouses down in the hot summer months.

With the bills increasing, sustainability and saving energy is at the forefront of all our minds. Town & Country’s Electric Greenhouse Heater’s thermostat ensures it is only on when required. To help increase energy efficiency, make sure to check for any cracks in the glass, and replace any broken panes to ensure valuable warmth from the heater doesn’t needlessly escape.

Another way to increase the efficiency of the heater is to add a layer of insulation to the panes, such as inexpensive bubble wrap. Be aware that plastic layers can reduce the amount of light getting into the plants, so it can be best to only add this extra insulation in the coldest months, or screen off certain sections where needed.

A common problem to consider in greenhouses is condensation. Too much moisture in the air can cause diseases and fungus to spread through plants and can lead to mildew developing on the windows. To avoid this, water plants early in the day so there is enough time for the water to evaporate in the sun. If condensation does build up, an easy solution is to open vents to increase air circulation and maintain a healthy growing environment. Take advantage of those sunnier winter days by ventilating freely to reduce moisture in the air. Unlike propane or paraffin models, electric heaters don’t release additional moisture into the air, so don’t be afraid to use the heater in fear of creating condensation.

Putting in the time to maintain a good greenhouse environment will ensure all the effort from the growing season doesn’t go to waste. Find the Town & Country’s Electric Greenhouse Heater and other handy pieces of equipment for winter gardening on their website

Town & Country 3-in-1 Window Washer RRP £14.99

Town & Country 2kw Electric Greenhouse Heater RRP £69.99

Town & Country 3kw Electric Greenhouse Heater RRP £89.99

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