Since the start of the lockdown one of the leading independent garden designers and landscapers in the North West has seen a substantial increase in interest in attracting wildlife to gardens.

“Business has been extremely buoyant since the start of the lockdown and a common requirement in the design brief is for planting and features that will attract wildlife to gardens,” says Andy Kirman of Kirman Design in Glazebury, Warrington.

“Garden owners want us to design in elements that will attract birds, other wildlife and insects.   This is something that has always been popular but now more than three quarters of enquiries feature this.”

Andy has more than 20 years’ experience and knows precisely how to match the requirement for more wildlife relative to the location of the garden.

“Naturally, a rural or semi-rural garden offers different wildlife opportunities to urban and inner-city locations.   Here the emphasis is on birds and hedgehogs whereas in more open areas a far wider range of mammals can be attracted,” he says.

To meet the wildlife demand Andy and his team focus very much on native species of trees and shrubs, or at least those that have been growing in the North West for many generations.  Ponds too play an increasingly important role as they not only attract insects but also provide essential drinking for birds and animals.

“Lawns are also a key factor and we often design in areas of grass that can be left reasonably long so that seed eating birds will be able to feed.  Artificial turf is an absolute no no for wildlife.”

Andy says that this increase in interest in wildlife straddles all age groups and the sexes with both men, women and children expressing significant interest and often knowledge in wildlife.

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