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Cordless solutions for garden conundrums

Whatever garden conundrum you may have this year, Mountfield will have the tools to offer you the answer! Not only that, but the cordless Freedom100 range of smart battery-powered garden tools offer solutions that are quieter, cleaner and easier to use than petrol options.

Conundrum 1) “I want to mow my lawn, but my garden is not overly big and I am not able to lift and manoeuvre heavy machines”

No problem! The Mountfield ‘Typhoon’ cordless hover mower has a lightweight polypropylene chassis, making easy to transport and easy to use. It is even easier to mow with as it floats on air. Putting it away is a cinch too as it folds up flat so that you can store it against a wall!

Conundrum 2) “I have just moved into a new home and honestly the garden is an overgrown mess, what tools can I use to help clear this away”

Don’t panic! The Mountfield MTR 20 Li Cordless grass trimmer / brush cutter will help you on the way. The brush cutter can be used for clearing overgrown grass, weeds and brambles.

Conundrum 3) “When I blow leaves into a pile, it is often takes so much time to gather them up and put them in a bin bag, is there anything to make this job easier?”

Blow, suck and shred in one go with the Mountfield MVS 20 Li Cordless vacuum shredder! Lightweight, easy to use and energy efficient, it not only blows leaves and debris away but can also simply vacuum and shred them into tiny pieces which collect in the 45-litre collector!

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