Cool tips for summer greenhouses

The summer weather in the UK can yoyo from miserable rain to hot sun in a matter of hours which is great for plants out in the garden, but when working in the greenhouse, it’s important to take extra care to combat overheating.

Appropriate watering and good ventilation are vital to prevent plants from perishing and to ensure they stay healthy when temperatures soar. Griffin Glasshouses design each bespoke structure to maximise airflow and even tailor this feature to the customer’s needs; with a choice of hand operated vents or automatic units which open and close by themselves, using the energy from the warmth of the sun.


If an electricity supply is available, thermostatically controlled electric rack and pinion vent opening units can be used. The thermostat enables customers to pre-set the temperature for the vents to open and close.


Shading is also an option, although Griffin Glasshouses are designed to maximise ventilation, if it is required, internal manually operated roller blinds can be fitted deflecting sunlight and providing up to 75% shade in the summer. They also help retain warmth in the winter.


There are additional measures that can be taken to ensure plants stay cool and protected during a hot spell such as dampening-down; regular watering early in the morning and in the evening when temperatures cool will ensure plants do not scorch in the sun, the water will evaporate as the interior warms up cooling the surroundings, floors can also be watered to provide the same cooling affects.

Try not to overfill the greenhouse; the combination of a cluttered space, high temperatures and poor ventilation is recipe for disaster. Leave doors and windows open in the daytime and move some of the plants outside into the garden in areas that provide suitable shelter and shade. Move out everything that is not essential and do not use the greenhouse as a store room.

With more than 50 years’ experience in the industry, leading glasshouse specialist, Griffin Glasshouses, offers a range of low-maintenance, unique design glasshouses from lean-to, freestanding, to its National Garden Scheme collection.  Each glasshouse is handcrafted at the company’s Hampshire site.

To find out more about the company’s greenhouse collections and bespoke services visit or call 01962 772512.

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