Composting – getting started is quick and easy

Making homemade compost from kitchen scraps and garden waste is super simple; environmentally friendly and National Composting Day (29th May 2019) is a great time to get started.

Save money on ready-made compost and space in your regular bin by adding vegetable peelings, fruit and tea bags from the kitchen and flowers, grass cuttings and other debris from the garden to make a nutrient rich soil improver that can be added to plants to deliver extra nitrogen and moisture.

Apart from a compost bin, which can either be shop-bought or homemade, all that is needed to get started are few key garden tools, Wilkinson Sword recommends four from its Stainless Steel range for working compost; each features a polished rust resistant tool head which prevents organic matter from sticking and an ergonomically designed weatherproof handle for extra comfort.


A fork is essential for turning and aerating the compost to speed up the decomposition process. Wilkinson Sword’s Stainless Steel Border Fork is smaller than a traditional digging fork making it ideal for compost heaps and working in confined spaces within the garden.

For smaller heaps, the Stainless Steel Hand Fork can be used for mixing in fresh waste or a compost acceleration agent; it can also be used to work the surfaces of beds and borders.

Compost can be made in as little as a few months; the amount of time it takes depends on the quantity and type of waste that is added. When it is mature, the Stainless Steel Compost Scoop makes a really handy tool; the deep bowl head allows the compost to be moved from one place to another with minimal spillage.

The Elite Leather Gloves are the perfect complement to Wilkinson Sword’s Elite Collection of premium garden tools and can be merchandised as part of the Elite FSDU stand.

All Wilkinson Sword garden tools carry the reassuring Wilkinson Sword 10-year guarantee.

Further information about Wilkinson Sword’s range of garden products can be found at You can also follow Wilkinson Sword Tools on Twitter @WSGardenTools and find them on Facebook by searching for Wilkinson Sword Garden Tools.



Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Border Fork- £29.99

Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Hand Fork- £9.99

Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Compost Scoop – £11.99

Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Border Spade – £29.99


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