Celebrate 50 Years of Growth: National Tree Week 2023


As National Tree Week 2023 (NTW) approaches, running from November 25 to December 3, this year holds special significance, marking the 50th anniversary of the influential ‘Plant a Tree in 73’ campaign—the very genesis of The Tree Council. In homage to these roots and echoing the beloved slogan half a century later, The Tree Council encourages everyone to embrace the opportunity to Grow a Tree in ’23. Whether participating in organized tree planting events or hosting individual NTW Tree Parties, the aim is to celebrate this milestone and contribute to the enduring care that trees require beyond initial planting.

The subtle shift in wording—from ‘plant’ to ‘grow’—underscores the ongoing commitment to nurturing trees post-planting, ensuring their transformation into mature specimens that play pivotal roles in our urban and rural environments by absorbing carbon, supporting wildlife, enhancing well-being, and more.

Nationwide, tree planting events of all scales are scheduled throughout NTW, inviting participants to join in with nothing more than enthusiasm, warm clothing, and a passion for fostering new life from the soil.

For those unable to engage in organized tree planting events, The Tree Council encourages hosting personal Tree Parties. Abundant resources, including activities for children, guidance on selecting the right tree for the right place, craft ideas, tree health tips, identification postcards for leaves, flowers, and seeds, and much more, are available to facilitate these celebrations. Utilizing seeds collected during Seed Gathering Season in the autumn provides an early start to the tree-growing journey.

Whether in a nearby park, garden, or any communal space, individuals can gather family, friends, neighbors, or collaborate with local community groups, schools, scout associations, care homes, and more to honor trees during National Tree Week. If growing a tree seems daunting, a simple act of gratitude—hugging a favorite tree and acknowledging its life-giving benefits—is a heartfelt gesture.

Visit the National Tree Week website to discover nearby tree planting events, connect with The Tree Council’s partner organizations, and access engaging Tree Party resources.

CEO of The Tree Council, Sara Lom, expresses delight in celebrating National Tree Week, emphasizing the event’s role in bringing people together for the love of trees and encouraging not only tree planting but also long-term care for their growth and maturity. Lom expresses gratitude to participants across the UK for their involvement in this meaningful celebration.

The roots of National Tree Planting Year 1973, with its iconic slogan, trace back to a nationwide response to the devastating loss of trees from Dutch Elm Disease. This led to the establishment of The Tree Council in 1974, uniting organizations working for trees. The following year witnessed the inception of the first National Tree Week, shaping the history of tree conservation.

National Tree Week 2023, presented by The Tree Council and partners, invites individuals to be part of this enduring legacy between November 25 and December 3. For more information, visit www.nationaltreeweek.org.uk.

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