The latest gardening gadget your Dad will love this Father’s Day

Honda’s Miimo robotic mower is an ideal present for gadget-mad Dads this Father’s Day.  Miimo uses the latest Honda technology to take care of your lawn day ...

High demand expected for natural slug controls as metaldehyde disappears from store shelves in June

Sipcam, the company behind the ecofective® brand of natural plant protection products, is rushing to meet demand from retailers who are stocking-up on ahead of ...

Protect trees from pests with Nemasys

Trees are a majestic and beautiful feature in the garden but when wood boring pests take over, the damage they leave behind can be devastating. Nemasys ...

Biological ant deterrent with Nemasys

Ants find their way into homes, under patios, pots and plants, causing a path of devastation wherever they go. Nemasys No Ants is a fast, effective and ...

Composting – getting started is quick and easy

Making homemade compost from kitchen scraps and garden waste is super simple; environmentally friendly and National Composting Day (29th May 2019) is a great ...

National Composting Day – Natural and long-lasting composters from Forest Garden

Composting is a great way to be a little greener by simply recycling scraps from the kitchen and debris from the garden to produce a versatile soil improver ...

Slug season is here – are you prepared?

Experts at weed, feed and control brand Neudorff are predicting nothing less than a slug explosion in the coming weeks, with billions hatching and wreaking ...

Five fun, family friendly activities to celebrate National Gardening Week

With one of the country’s biggest gardening celebrations about to sweep the nation, many of us are keen to go out and reconnect with nature. Lawncare expert ...

RHS calls for people to swap smartphones for salvias, tablets for terrariums and desktops for daffodils this Easter

As part of its Greening Great Britain Campaign, the RHS is calling for the nation to drop their devices and pick up a spade and get gardening this Easter for ...

10 things to do in your garden this Easter

Easter is coming, and nature is in full bloom. It’s an exciting time for avid gardeners, but can be equally as daunting for the more casual gardener. ...

Five handy tips for sprucing up your garden this spring

With spring well and truly underway, it’s finally time to give our gardens a makeover ready for the impending warmth. The cold winter temperatures may have ...

Gardening as a skill is being forgotten

It's proven that a childhood spent outdoors helps children grow up healthier and happier, but new research from skincare brand Sudocrem shows that gardening ...

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