The straight answer is yes, you absolutely can lay turf during colder months, except on frozen ground. It’s a well-known but misplaced conception that you should not be laying turf during the winter.

In-fact there are many advantages to doing so, you just need to ensure you are fully ready and prepped.

I’ve outlined a few key facts below

Preparing the ground for turf

Check the current condition of the ground – ideally you would like it damp and not waterlogged – mixing in some dry soil to the existing topsoil can help with this.

Be sure that the soil is not compacted, crumbly ground is the best way to judge.

Will the Frost affect my turf?

Frost is not damaging to your existing lawn, it’s no different than if you were to freeze food in your freezer at home then defrost it.

Although you cannot lay on frozen ground, the ground freezing after the turf is laid will not cause any damage or lifting of the turf. Frozen turf rolls can and do keep for a longer period – reducing the time pressure to get them down.

Things to be aware of when laying turf in winter

Although low maintenance in respect to watering you need to be aware that the windier days can dry the lawn so just ensure you are keeping a close eye on this.

If the weather changes and your rolls of turf do become frozen DO NOT TRY AND UNROLL THEM as the roots will just snap. Please make sure they are fully defrosted before being laid.

The defrosting process will cause the turf to be damp so when carrying, do so with care so as not to cause any damage.

If damage occurs when damp, such as rips and tears it will be easier to press back together when damp and this will allow the lawn to establish evenly.

Advantages to laying turf late in the year

Your turf will already be established and (hopefully) flourishing by the time spring comes around, leaving lots of time for all your springtime gardening jobs. The roots will also be established and stronger meaning much less maintenance required than if you were to lay in the spring.

So, you see, it’s a win-win situation to lay turf in the winter, to begin with the upkeep is much less than laying during the warmer months and by the spring the lawn is already thriving, removing the pressure of getting your lawn prepped ready for summer.

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