British Garden Centres’ Expert Tips for Selecting Your Perfect Christmas Tree


The joy of choosing the perfect Christmas tree marks the beginning of the festive season for many families. This cherished tradition involves a central role in decorating and presenting gifts, accompanied by the delightful scent of freshly cut pine. Opting for an eco-conscious and biodegradable tree has become increasingly popular. However, the wide array of sizes and varieties can make selecting the ideal tree for your home a daunting task. To ease your decision-making process, Andy Little, British Garden Centres Christmas tree buyer, has compiled this helpful guide.

  1. Measure Your Space in Advance:
    • When visiting your local British Garden Centres store for a real Christmas tree, keep in mind that outdoor plant areas often make trees appear smaller. To ensure a perfect fit in your room, measure the height and space where you plan to place the tree. Don’t forget to account for the stand and the tree-top decoration when taking measurements.
  2. Which Variety to Choose:
    • The Nordmann Fir is a popular choice during Christmas, known for its symmetrical shape, well-spaced branches, soft and glossy dark green foliage, and excellent needle retention. It’s perfect for families with children and pets.
    • British Garden Centres also offer the Norway Spruce, a traditional-looking tree with a long-lasting fragrance and ample branches for decorations.
    • The Fraser Fir is favored for its needle retention, dark blue-green color, and fresh scent.
    • The Blue Spruce, with its symmetrical shape and attractive blue foliage, is another option. All our trees are pot-grown and come with a decorative pot cover. With proper care, these trees can be planted outside to enjoy year after year.
  3. Picking Your Tree:
    • When selecting your Christmas tree, gently shake it to check if any needles are falling off.
    • Examine the color of the needles – green and shiny needles indicate a fresh and healthy tree, while yellowing, loose needles suggest an older tree.
    • You can also assess the tree’s freshness by lifting it off the ground from halfway up the trunk; a heavier tree is a sign of more water content and freshness.
  4. Consider Space Between Branches:
    • Take into account the space between the branches and the type of decorations you plan to use. More space between branches is suitable for adding numerous ornaments, while a fuller tree provides a denser look.
  5. Choose the Right Stand:
    • Ensure you have a sturdy tree stand for your cut tree to maintain its health. Remember that taller trees require wider stands. Selecting a stand with ample water-holding capacity will help your tree thrive throughout the festive season.
  6. Setting Up Your Tree at Home:
    • After acquiring your Christmas tree, keep it outside for as long as possible before bringing it indoors.
    • Trim 3cm off the trunk to allow better water absorption.
    • Place the tree in the stand with water, position it in an open, well-ventilated area, and keep it away from radiators.
  7. Caring for Your Tree:
    • Real Christmas trees generally last 4-6 weeks. Keep your tree hydrated with fresh water to prolong its lifespan. The tree may initially drink a significant amount of water, gradually decreasing after the first week.

For Artificial Trees:

  • Measure your available space for your artificial tree.
  • British Garden Centres offer a wide selection of artificial trees, including plain trees for personal decoration, LED trees with pre-attached lights for easy setup, and pre-decorated trees with natural-looking ornaments.

British Garden Centres provides a diverse range of Christmas trees and artificial trees, ensuring that you find the perfect tree to make your festive season truly special.

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