Bosch Home and Garden’s GlassVAC gains approval from the penguins at the National Sea Life Centre, Birmingham for World Penguin Day


Bosch Home and Garden’s new product, the GlassVAC (RRP £79.99), has gained approval from the penguins at Birmingham’s National Sea Life Centre after being used to ensure the penguin enclosure is looking its best ready for World Penguin Day today.

The GlassVAC, the first cordless window vacuum from Bosch, which is ready to use at any time, cleans surfaces quickly in two steps, with no streak or squeak, and has been instrumental in helping to clean the windows at both the Penguin Ice Adventure Exhibit and the Ocean Tunnel at the National Sea Life Centre.

The GlassVAC wiper blade features “Power Protection Plus”, an innovative wiper-blade technology with polymer coating that until now has been used only for Bosch car windscreen wipers.

This technology now guarantees clean results: The wiper blade glides effortlessly over surfaces because it generates very little friction, due to its Bosch-patented material so that streaks and annoying squeaking noises are a thing of the past. The wiper blade is also very robust and durable, lasting longer than a conventional wiper blade.

Sarah Brown, Assistant Marketing Manager at the National Sea Life Centre, Birmingham, comments: “Bosch Home and Garden’s GlassVAC is a fantastic product and was instrumental in helping us to get the penguin enclosure ready for World Penguin Day this year. Our resident Gentoo penguins were also very intrigued by the GlassVAC and you can tell they loved watching it being used.”

Andrew Booth, Brand Director at Bosch Home and Garden, said: “We are really pleased we could use our innovative new product, the GlassVAC, to help clean the windows at the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham and demonstrate one of the many great ways this product can be applied.”

Clean windows, indoors and outdoors, glass, acrylic surfaces such as those at Birmingham’s National Sea Life Centre, tiles, mirrors or shower cubicles and also vacuum up spilled liquids – the GlassVAC can do it all. At the same time, the cordless window vacuum boasts an exceptionally compact design: At a height of only 20 centimetres, it is 30 per cent smaller than similar competitor models and can also vacuum close to window edges, thanks to its strong suction power.



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