Category: Home garden
Weather the weather with elho

Keeping your plants looking good should be easy, and during the Summer months you need to make time to relax and enjoy your green spaces. That's why elho has ...

Stay fit and healthy this spring… with a garden work out

We all know that fresh air and sunshine can do wonders for our body and soul. Did you know that a spot of gardening doesn’t just release endorphins to make us ...

Lawncare is a breeze with DJ Turfcare’s MO Bacter – the innovative organic lawn fertiliser that effortlessly tackles moss and banishes labour-intensive scarifying

Flick through the pages of gardening magazines at this time of year and chances are they’ll feature a step-by-step guide on getting lawns into shape. While ...

Weed Your Garden Day – Top products from Wilkinson Sword

Weeds always seem to grow faster than anything else in the garden and the battle against these relentless plants even has its own dedicated day; National Weed ...

Prevent a pest-infested harvest with BASF

By now, gardeners will have planted their vegetables and fruit produce ready to harvest throughout the summer. But, to ensure everything remains untouched by ...

D.T. Brown Launch a Special New Fennel Competition for 2019!

D.T. Brown the mail order vegetable and fruit specialists, have long been friends of the NVS and are often on the lookout for varieties that will perform well ...

Use recycled wine bottles to maintain plants with Bio Green

Plants can be surprisingly tricky to maintain, and top tips largely focus around watering which may seem obvious but is often the downfall of new gardeners, ...

Tools for sowing seeds and planting bulbs, from Wilkinson Sword

Cultivating the garden ready for seeds and bulbs can be a backbreaking task without strong, high-quality steel tools. Wilkinson Sword’s Carbon Steel ...

‘What are nematodes?’

Beneficial nematodes are naturally occurring microscopic worms, already present in the soil. BASF’s research scientists have isolated five individual species ...

BASF to showcase biological slug control solution at RHS Cardiff

BASF, the leading producer of beneficial nematodes used as pest control in British gardens, will be showcasing two of its ground-breaking products at this ...

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