Woolmans stunning and responsive new website!

Ornamental plant specialists Woolmans launched their responsive new website this autumn and have been able to capitalise on the increased demand that the horticultural industry has experienced in this unusual year.
Since launching their new website, Woolmans have seen a dramatic increase in sales, up 400% compared with the same period last year. Although the old site was coping with an increasing number of web orders, the style was not in keeping with the mail order catalogue which has recently been redesigned, and it was restricting the growth in sales made on mobile devices. The decision was taken to switch to a responsive website, which adapts the size, layout and orientation of a web page depending on the device that’s being used to view it, giving customers an improved experience, particularly when using mobiles and tablets.

Customers’ improved shopping experience has been reflected in conversion rates, which have increased by 52% for tablet users, 180% for desktop users and a massive 425% for mobile users. The responsive design could also be responsible for an increase in response rates for 25-34 year olds, which is up by 563%.
The improvement in user experience has seen customers spending longer browsing the site (session duration up by 200%) and seen them return to place additional orders (visits per customer up by 20%).
The new website has been improved in many ways, not only its visual appearance but a lot of work has been done to ensure that customers can shop securely and conveniently. By creating an account, customers can view the status of their order, manage account preferences, saved addresses and card details, to make ordering easier. Not only that, if customers are in need of some inspiration, Woolmans have introduced a Collections category to their website which allows customers to choose plants by colour, plants to attract bees and butterflies, plants for a scented and sensory garden and more.
The coming months will see continual developments in functionality as well as improvements in the information available to customers to ensure that they always get the best results from the plants that they buy.
Visit Woolmans website at woolmans.com


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