What to expect from 2019 gardens

Autumn is often an ebb in a gardener’s year. The days of spring planting with a sense of anticipation are gone, as are the long, hot days of sitting for hours in the sunshine enjoying the fruits of your labour. One thing that can help make the short, dark days of autumn and winter pass more quickly is the thought of what next year’s garden will look like and beginning the planting process.

With this in mind, The Posh Shed Company has once again teamed up with award-winning garden designer Claudia de Yong, to look to 2019 and offer their predictions for what they expect to see from the gardening world in 2019.

Richard Frost, managing director of The Posh Shed Company, said: “We’re predicting brighter colours making a comeback. In recent times there has been a tendency for people to pick pastels and muted tones for their sheds but bold colours are coming back in. We think pinks, greens and blues are going to be popular. I think we’ll continue to see the shed trend grow online and on social media – we have many Posh Shed fans online who love to see the beautiful gardens and many customers keep in touch online after installation to show us what they do with their sheds.

Claudia backs this up, noting “coloured foliage on shrubs in the garden is becoming popular again as is painting sheds, fencing and furniture in soft pinks, blues and mint green. With a move in the industry away from using plastics, we will see more retro pastel shades in recycled materials and bamboo hanging planters.”

“The trend over this past year in the gardening world, and one I see continuing, is the rise in people, notably millennials, using social media sites such as Instagram. As more people are renting, indoors has become the new outdoors and posting images online has helped to make plants, especially houseplants, trendy again. Plants that were once popular like Pelargoniums (often referred to as Geraniums) are also making a comeback as they add a splash of colour and are easy to maintain and grow both indoors and outdoors.”

In 2018, The Posh Shed Company launched its back door stores to offer a storage solution to those with less space. It anticipates this will continue and predicts an increase in the popularity of its Allotment Shed which allows a space to grow your own on top of the storage area. This is something which Claudia also sees potential in for next year: “I believe we will see a growth in home grown produce as more people try to cultivate a heathier lifestyle to reconnect with the natural world. Growing herbs and plants suitable for drinks and cocktails has been very popular and the I think dwarf varieties of popular plants, especially those that are bee and pollinator friendly, will feature more as they can be grown in pots on balconies and planted in smaller urban gardens.”

To find out more about Claudia De Yong please visit www.claudiadeyongdesigns.com and for further information about The Posh Shed Company and its range of wooden sheds and garden accessories please visit www.theposhshedcompany.co.uk or call 01544 387101.

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